Electric fireplace




Electric fireplace

Chemin’Arte decorative fireplaces are designed to bring you comfort and pleasure without having to worry about the maintenance or safety of your fireplace. Indeed, after a quick installation (about 15 minutes), you can enjoy an authentic moment of relaxation by the fire. There is no risk for you or your loved ones because there is no real combustion, but a truer than life fire effect. Forget the dust, the wood to be transported, the laborious lighting… You control your chimney with your fingertips thanks to its remote control.

Chemin’Arte decorative fireplaces can heat a room from 25 to 30m² (depending on the model). Indeed, they integrate a heating from 1800 to 2000W (according to the models) and a mode of energy saving. Chemin’Arte decorative fireplaces are real decorative objects, sober and elegant, which will warm your interior with their design and warmth. Play with the colour of the flames, sit comfortably in your sofa: you are already starting to rest.

1st range of 100% LED electric fireplaces, our fireplaces are energy efficient and have a very long life. Chemin’Arte fireplaces are designed in France.
Our after-sales service is available on +33(0) 951 634 467.

All our fireplaces can be used without heating (consumption between 5 and 10W), in heating position 1000W (1KW/h or 15 cents / hour) or 2000W (2KW/h or 30 cents / hour). The heating is fan convection type which heats the room instantly.

All our wall chimneys are delivered with a power cord but without plug in accordance with CE regulations in force.
Our mobile or free-standing fireplaces are delivered with a socket.