Which electric fireplace to choose?


We have proposed a selection of electric fireplaces according to your property, Whether it is a house or a flat. We are aware that many criteria are to be taken into account and in consideration, of this fact, we remain at your disposal for further information.
Which electric fireplace to choose?

If the selection of your future electric fireplace can be complex because of all the elements to take into consideration, one of the essential criteria to take into account, before the design and decorative aspect, is its destiny. Will your electric fireplace be placed in a house or a flat? What heating surface do you expect from your electric fireplace? These are the questions that will determine the efficiency of your electric fireplace.

It is not always easy to make a choice when faced with the numerous models of electric fireplaces and the technical details involved. Electric fireplaces offer many advantages, but it is important to be aware of their various characteristics in order to optimise the relevance of your choice to your project.

Heating your home with a beautiful fireplace is no longer a joy reserved exclusively for homes. However, it is imperative that your electric fireplace is suitable for your home, which is why it is important for us to help you identify and determine your choices.

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Which electric fireplace to choose for a flat?

which electric fireplace to choose for a flat?

Living in a flat is no longer an obstacle to bringing your fireplace desires to life. Thanks to the electric fireplace solution, you can make your projects a reality: not involving actual fire or even combustion, electric fireplaces are nowadays very chests of drawers in flats.

However, there are still a few things to consider when choosing your electric fireplace, as some electric fireplaces are much more suitable for flat living. In fact, flats tend to be equipped with mobile electric fireplaces, known as nomadic fireplaces, which can be placed directly on the floor, on a raised piece of furniture, or even on a wall thanks to hooks. There are also miniaturised models in a variety of versions for spaces where there is an obvious lack of space.

Our mobile electric fireplaces:

What is the best electric fireplace for a flat?

As mobile electric fireplaces are small models, the heating power may be limited compared to a built-in electric fireplace, as the heating power is lower.

Here are two models of mobile electric fireplaces that Chemin’Arte you recommends for your flat:

Electric fireplace « Oslo »

The electric fireplace « Oslo » offers a heat capacity that can heat a room of 30 m² with a power of 2000 W (watts). It has a room thermostat with an energy saving mode. The “Oslo” electric fireplace is delivered assembled, which makes its installation quick and easy.

which electric fireplace to choose oslo flat?

The decorative electric fireplace design « Vidrio »

The « Vidrio » electric fireplace has a heating capacity capable of heating a room of 30 m² with a consumption of 4 kW. It also has a room thermostat and offers several heating modes.

which electrical fireplace apartment vidrio?

Which electric fireplace to choose for a house?

Which electric fireplace to choose for your home?

As with all electric fireplaces, your choice should be based on the use you wish to make of your electric fireplace and on the surface area of the room in which it will be placed. The larger the space to be heated, the greater the power of your electric fireplace. For this reason, we recommend that you opt for electric fireplaces that can be built in, which have considerable heating power. Built-in electric fireplaces are generally available in larger, and therefore more expensive, models, but they can easily be installed almost anywhere, requiring only a mains connection.

If your home has a conventional wood-burning fireplace with a functional flue, you can of course build in your electric fireplace (if the dimensions are suitable, of course). If this is not the case, you can look into other types of electric fireplaces or set up a specific space.
The wall-mounted electric fireplace may also be of interest to you, as it can be fixed to the wall.

Our built-in electric fireplaces:

What is the best electric fireplace for a house?

For the interior of your home, Chemin’Arte suggests that you opt for built-in electric fireplaces with a higher heat output or electric fireplaces that can be placed on the floor.

The decorative built-in fireplace « Élysée »

The “Élysée” electric fireplace model propose 3 models ranging in size from XL to 5XL. It has a heating capacity of 2,000 W and a power saving mode allowing power reduce consumption to 15 W when only the flames are activated. It is a large electric fireplace.

Which electric fireplace to choose for your house: Elysée 5XL

Now that you know which electric fireplace to choose, you can to inform on how to choose an electric fireplace, with the aim of that it can fully meet your needs.