How to install an electric fireplace?


The steps for installing an electric fireplace differ depending on the model. However, electric fireplaces are known to be simple and easy to use. We will explain the procedures to follow to install your electric fireplace without any hassle.
How to install an electric fireplace?

With an original and innovative design, ecological and economical, our electric fireplaces are nowadays a coveted element to warm up interiors and bring a touch of conviviality to them. If this system of electric fireplaces involve innovative and recent technology, it inevitably raises questions as about their installation, often imagined as complex… wrongly. Indeed, Chemin’Arte electric fireplaces present an advantage considerable with a simple installation mode, minimal and fast. You don’t need any special DIY skills, just a few tips.

There are certain requirements for the installation of your electric fireplace.
An essential element to take into account when installing your electric fireplace is its power in watts. It usually varies between 1,000 and 2,000 W, which represents a consumption of 10 A (amperes) when the electric fireplace is in operation and at full power. This amperage does not require any specific connection or cable, but special attention must be paid to the electrical circuit that supplies your electric fireplace. Indeed, this one may already be connected to other electrical appliances (refrigerator, cooker, electric radiator, television…). It is important to ensure that the circuit breaker associated with your electric fireplace is compatible with this type of equipment, to ensure optimum safety around your electric fireplace.

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How fixing an electric fireplace?

How to fix electric fireplace?

First of all, it is important to know that not all our electric fireplaces have different installation methods. Some are free standing, others have to be fixed to a wall, embedded in a space designed for this purpose or even integrated into an existing traditional fireplace.

There are several steps to installing your electric fireplace.
First, you need to determine the space and location of the electric fireplace, as it can be installed in any room. Please note that our electric fireplaces are equipped with a blower and that it is not recommended for wall-mounted electric fireplaces, of placing them too close to other electronic devices (TV, game console, etc.). It is also necessary to leave a space of a few dozen centimetres (between 15 and 30 cm) to optimise the evacuation of the air generated by the fireplace.

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For an electric fireplace, nothing could be easier! Simply install it in the place you have chosen and plug it into the mains. Your electric fireplace is ready to use in just a few seconds.

For decorative electric fireplaces to be fixed to the wall, do-it-yourself materials will be required. You should bring:

  • A drill; 
  • Gloves;
  • Safety glasses for your safety.

The installation can then begin:

  1. Drill your wall;
  2. Insert fixing brackets. The number of holes to be drilled depends on the size of your electric fireplace. If your wall is too fragile, you can opt for floor fixings as a complement or replacement;
  3. Insert the dowels into the holes;
  4. Using a screwdriver, secure the electric chimney with the screws and installation brackets, usually supplied with your chimney;
  5. Once the bracket is in place, you can perform the final installation of your electric fireplace.

In the case of a traditional fireplace or insert, you will have to position your electric fireplace on the floor or fix it to the ends of the insert. The electrical connection is usually made through a standard plug to be connected to the mains. However, you may be required to connect the electrical wires by removing an electrical socket for connection. If it is necessary to install an electric insert or modify one, the installation time can vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

How to install an electric fireplace in an old fireplace?

How to install an electric fireplace in an old fireplace?

While electric fireplaces generally follow a contemporary and uncluttered design, the combination of their modernity with the rougher and more authentic lines of a classic fireplace guarantees style and originality.

The installation of an electric fireplace in a classic old chimney takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

First of all, it is essential to be aware of the measurements of your niche. The space for the electric fireplace in the cavity should be neither too large nor too small. You should ensure that your fireplace is located near a power source, but we do not recommend connecting it to any power strips or similar accessories.

At the same time, provide access for the electrical cable to pass through the chimney. If it does not have one, it is possible to create one and install an electrical outlet at the bottom of the cavity to connect the electric fireplace.

Then all you have to do is install it and to enjoy moments of warmth at her side. Many accessories and decorations are available to decorate your electric fireplace.

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