What are the different types of electric fireplaces?


The different types of electric fireplaces available from Chemin'Arte are: free-standing, built-in, large, wall-mounted and nomadic. All these electric fireplaces have their advantages, and you're bound to find one that's just right for you.
What are the different types of electric fireplaces?

There are several models of electric fireplaces to choose from, depending on the room you want to furnish, the space you plan to heat, and the various issues related to your particular needs and requirements.

Electric fireplaces vary in size, color and shape. You can add accessories and options, and control flame effects. You’ll find electric fireplaces with unusual shapes(vertical, for example: practical when you don’t have wide spaces), or modern ones (convex design, etc.). From traditional to modern, discover the perfect electric fireplace for your home. You can also choose the color: white, black, red and stainless steel. Chemin’Arte electric fireplaces can help you personalize your interior, with the opportunity to accessorize them with a variety of decorative options and freely-adaptable flame control.

The operation of an electric fireplace is simple:
The heat output generated by our electric fireplaces is a real asset. Its biggest plus point is the aesthetic and visual effects of the flames produced by LED lighting. Electric fireplaces meet your heating needs while decorating your interior, making it warm and inviting.

Electric fireplaces have all the qualities of traditional fireplaces, without the drawbacks (wood, ash, fire, maintenance, etc.). Our electric fireplaces can be adapted to any environment, thanks to their practicality and variety of models. With their different shapes and practicality, they can be easily integrated into an apartment, bedroom or small room. They are also ideal for larger spaces, thanks to their high heating power and realistic flame effects. It’s an economical and ecological solution, requiring very little energy consumption. Electric fireplaces offer a host of advantages.

To find the perfect electric fireplace for your project :

The different types of electric fireplaces

We offer different types of electric fireplaces, such as
built-in electric fireplaces
which are generally inserted into old, traditional fireplaces. However, it is possible to install them elsewhere, for example in a piece of furniture or on a wall specially adapted for this purpose.

Our latest fireplace inserts :

We also recommend
large electric fireplaces
We also recommend large electric fireplaces, which are very attractive models with higher heating power, perfect for large rooms.

Our latest large fireplaces :

Our catalog also recommends
floor-standing electric fireplaces
more traditional style. An elegant, minimalist aesthetic that can dress up any living room, vintage or modern. This type of model also includes
nomad electric fireplaces
These floor-standing fireplaces are ideal for both small and large rooms, with a strong aesthetic appeal.

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Our latest nomad fireplaces :

There are also
wall-mounted electric fireplaces
. We invite you to choose the model that will blend in perfectly with your interior, offering high performance in terms of both heating power and visual effect.

Our latest wall fireplaces :

We can provide you with a wide range of electric fireplaces, which can be installed in different ways depending on their purpose. Electric fireplaces can be wall-mounted, floor-standing, wall-mounted, suspended, mobile or nomadic. So you can be sure of finding the fireplace best suited to your needs. For example, we offer a free-standing electric fireplace: TV cabinet. This TV stand is designed to fulfill its function, while housing an electric fireplace that will warm up your room and make it cosy thanks to its flame effects. It reproduces the look of a traditional fireplace, creating a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, while heating your home efficiently.

There’s also an outdoor electric fireplace to heat your terrace, for example, on cooler evenings. This unit will warm you up with its electric heating system and animated flame effects that mimic a real wood fire. You’ll find the perfect model to match the rest of your décor in our catalog.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing types of electric fireplace is the three-sided electric fireplace, which enhances the 3D effect of animated flames. Surrounded by three glass panels, the flames are visible from all sides of the room, reinforcing the convivial ambience of your interior.

In the electric fireplace category, there’s also an electrically heated log fireplace. This type of electric fireplace is portable and can be installed anywhere. It features fake logs and LED animation to create the illusion of burning embers and logs. It can be placed in a fireplace or anywhere else.

If you’re looking for an electric fireplace made from intelligent, high-quality materials, we recommend our top-of-the-range electric fireplaces. With these appliances, consumption is limited and efficiency is increased: reducing ecological impact and saving money. Theaesthetic is luxurious: clean lines, refined textures, meticulous finishes. The realism and quality of the flame animation are astonishing.
Choose from our Chemin’Arte electric fireplaces.

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There are also some interesting features for your electric fireplace. In fact, some models are equipped with remote controls for remote operation. These remote controls include intensity, heating power, lighting, flame animation and flame color.


Installing an electric fireplace is quick, easy and convenient. Everything is provided to ensure intuitive installation. The precautions to be taken when installing your appliance start with its dimensions, which must correspond to where you want to install it.

The electric fireplace needs to be slightly smaller than the chosen location, and there needs to be space around it to ensure the proper circulation of the air it needs. Keep electrical and electronic equipment away from the electric chimney to avoid damaging them.


The consumption of an electric fireplace varies according to theoption used. If you only use theflame effects animation, the device consumes almost no power. Heating mode consumes more or less depending on the model. For a 1,000 W device, consumption is 1 kWh. Electric fireplaces are less costly to run and have less impact on the environment. It guarantees optimum safety, as well as being environmentally friendly. No risk of inhalation of hazardous fumes, fire or burns.

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