What are the different types of electric fireplaces?


The different types of electric fireplaces available at Chemin'Arte are: electric fireplaces for installation, built-in, large, wall-mounted and nomadic. All of these electric fireplaces have their own advantages and you are bound to find the right electric fireplace for you.
What are the different types of electric fireplaces?

There are several models of electric fireplaces, adaptable to the room you want to furnish, the space you plan to heat or the various issues relating to your particular particular request and needs.

Electric fireplaces vary in size, colour and shape. It is possible to add accessories and options, and to control the effects of flames. You will find electric fireplaces with unusual shapes (vertical, for example : practical when you don’t have wide spaces), or modern (convex design, etc.). From traditional to modern style, discover the electric fireplace perfect for your home. You can also choose the colour: white, black, red and stainless steel. Chemin’Arte electric fireplaces accompany you in the customisation of your interior, with the opportunity to accessorise them with various decorative options and flame control freely adaptable to your wishes.

The operation of an electric fireplace is simple:
The heat output of our electric fireplaces is a real asset. Its biggest positive point concerns the aesthetic aspects and visual effects of the flames produced by the LED lighting. The electric fireplace allows you to meet a heating need while decorating your interior, making it warm and friendly.

Electric fireplaces have all the qualities of a traditional fireplace, without imposing on you the defects of the latter (wood, ashes, fire, maintenance, etc.) Our electric fireplaces can be adapted to all types of environment because of their practicality and their variety of models. They can easily be integrated into a flat, in a bedroom or small room with their different shapes and their practicalities. They are also suitable for larger spaces thanks to their high heating power and their realistic flame effects. It is an economical and ecological solution, with very low energy consumption. The electric fireplace therefore has many advantages.

To find the perfect electric fireplace for your project:

The different types of electric fireplaces

We offer different types of electric fireplaces, such as built-in electric fireplaces, which are usually built into old traditional fireplace. However, it is possible to install them somewhere else, for example, in a piece of furniture or a wall specially adapted for this purpose.

Our latest built-in fireplaces:

We also recommend the large electric fireplaces, which are very aesthetic models and offer a higher heating power, perfect model for large rooms.

Our latest large fireplaces:

Our catalog also recommends electric fireplaces to be placed on the floor, more traditional style. An elegant and minimalist aesthetic that can dress up a living room, vintage as in modern. In this type of model, we also have the nomad electric fireplaces, which can be placed on the floor and can be adapted to a small or large room, with a strong aesthetic advantage.

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Our latest nomadic fireplaces:

There are also wall-mounted electric fireplaces. We invite you to choose the model that will blend in perfectly with your interior, efficient in both heating power and visual effect.

Our latest wall fireplaces:

We can offer you many different types of electric fireplaces, which are installed differently depending on their subpoena. Built-in electric fireplace in a wall, to be installed on the ground, wall-mounted or suspended or else mobile, or even nomadic. This way, you can be sure to find the most fireplace for adapted your needs. For example, we offer you an electric fireplace be installed: TV stand. This TV stand is designed to fulfil its function, while housing an electric fireplace that will warm your room and make it cosy thanks to its flame effects. It reproduces the visual of a traditional fireplace, creating a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, while heating your home efficiently.

There is also an outdoor electric fireplace to heat your terrace, for example, on cooler evenings. This device will warm you up thanks to its electric heating system and animated flame effects that mimic a real wood fire. You will find the perfect model for the rest of your decoration in our catalog.

One of the special types of electric fireplaces with a beautiful aesthetic is the three-sided electric fireplace, which enhances the 3D effect of the animated flames. Surrounded by three glass faces, the flames are visible from all sides of the room, thus reinforcing the friendly atmosphere of your home.

In the category of electric fireplaces, there are also an electric log fire and by heating. This type of electric fireplace is portable and can be installed anywhere. It consists of fake logs and an LED animation creating the illusion of burning embers and logs. It can be placed in a fireplace or anywhere else.

If you are looking for an electric fireplace made of intelligent, high-quality materials, we recommend our top-of-the-range electric fireplaces. With these appliances, consumption is limited and efficiency is increased: reduction of the ecological impact and economic gain. The aesthetics are luxurious: clean lines, refined textures, careful finishing. The realism and quality of the flame animation are amazing. Make your choice among our Chemin’Arte electric fireplaces.

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There are also some interesting functionality for your electric fireplace. Indeed, some models are equipped with remote controls allowing them to be controlled from a distance. These remote controls include the adjustment of the intensity, heating power, lighting, flame animation and colour.


Installing an electric fireplace is easy, quick and convenient. Everything is provided to ensure an intuitive installation. The precautions to be taken when installing your appliance concern first of all its dimensions, which must correspond to the place where you wish to install it.

The electric fireplace should be slightly smaller than the chosen location and there should be space around it to ensure the proper circulation of the air it needs. Electrical or electronic devices should be kept away from the electric chimney to avoid damaging them.


The power consumption of an electric fireplace varies depending on the option used. If you only use the flame effects animation, the appliance consumes almost nothing. The heating mode consumes more or less depending on the model. For an appliance with a power of 1 000 W, the consumption is 1 kWh. Advantageous in terms of consumption costs, the electric fireplace has a lower ecological impactIt guarantees optimum safety, and is environmentally friendly. No risk of inhaling dangerous fumes, fire or burns.

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