Wall-mounted electric fireplace




The electric fireplace has become a very trendy item in just a few years. It is increasingly taking pride of place in our interiors. Founded in 2008, Chemin’Arte is a French brand which has established itself as the reference for decorative electric fireplaces in France. In order to guide you in your choice, a buying guide is offered to you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team.
A wall-mounted electric fireplace allows you to warm your interior while making it friendly and warm. It works with a heating system and LED lighting to visually reproduce the flames of a traditional fireplace. A wall-mounted electric fireplace gives the illusion of a real wood-burning fireplace thanks to its perfectly finished cladding and the flame effects instantly bringing warmth to your room. The heating power is efficient. The main advantage of an electric fireplace is the little maintenance it requires, unlike a conventional fireplace. To guide you in your research and find the perfect electric fireplace for you, consult our buying guide:

How does a wall-mounted electric fireplace work?

A wall-mounted electric fireplace works with efficient electric heating and a clever play of light enabled by LED lighting that imitates the flames of a fire >real fireplace. An electric fireplace therefore plays on the visual aspect, reproducing the appearance of a classic fireplace. To do this, LEDs create light to simulate flames in a very realistic way. This gives us the impression of being in front of a real wood-burning fireplace, with real flames inside. All the details of an authentic fire are present: embers, sparks, logs and even stones. The sight of flames instantly gives a warm feeling and a warm and comfortable atmosphere to your interior. The cladding of the wall-mounted electric fireplace is also very realistic and of high quality, it is available in numerous models. Choose from our selection to find the perfect wall-mounted electric fireplace for your interior. The heat created by a wall-mounted electric fireplace is generated by a thermal convector and a resistance. The hot air is then diffused into the room using a fan. Please note that no real fire is lit in an electric fireplace: the heating system is only electric and blowing. No risk of burns or fire, therefore. You will also not have to worry about the inconveniences that a traditional fireplace could bring you. With an electric fireplace, no need for wood stocks, no fire monitoring, no maintenance.

How to install a wall-mounted electric fireplace?

Comment installer une cheminée électrique murale ?
A wall-mounted electric fireplace is a type of electric fireplace that is most often installed on the wall. The design of the device is then conditioned by this installation of wall mounting. The wall-mounted electric fireplace has a flat shape, quite similar to a flat screen television. On its back are hooks, which correspond to the H-shaped wall bracket. Installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace requires a little DIY, because the wall bracket must be attached with dowels. We advise you to think about the air circulation around your fireplace before installing it, and to keep it away from any other electrical or electronic device to avoid any damage. It is imperative to place your electric fireplace near an electrical power system. It should be noted that the raised installation of a wall-mounted electric fireplace allows for more free space on the ground for better circulation.

What are the different types of wall-mounted electric fireplaces?

There are several models of wall-mounted electric fireplaces. The important thing is to choose it according to your project: Which surface to heat? To determine the heating power required, what space is available?In order to choose the format of your electric fireplace, what style matches your decoration? Ask yourself the essential questions to determine the cladding and style of your future fireplace. Among the various wall-mounted electric fireplaces, there are in particular large electric fireplaces, which are perfect for a large room. But a wall-mounted electric fireplace is sufficient to heat a room of more than 30 m², so it all depends on your project, your tastes and your needs. The diversity is found above all in the aesthetics of the wall-mounted electric fireplace, which exists in several styles: vintage, modern, rustic, old, etc.. We also offer varioustextures, finishes, options, colors and accessories. Discover our wall-mounted electric fireplaces:
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How much does a wall-mounted electric fireplace consume?

Quelle est la consommation d’une cheminée électrique murale ?
An electric fireplace has all the advantages of a traditional fireplace, without its disadvantages: it isaesthetic and warm, while requiring little maintenance and consumption . Economical and ecological, a wall-mounted electric fireplace is a relevant solution to fireplaces that run on bioethanol or gas, for example, or tothe traditional fireplace that emits carbon dioxide (CO2) . An electric fireplace does not represent any risk for those around you or for the environment, whether it is a risk of pollution or an accident (fire, burn). The consumption price of a wall-mounted electric fireplace depends on its heating power, its size and its design. The heating power is generally between 1,000 and 2,000 W. Consumption being 1 kWh per kW, you will spend on average €0.40 per hour.

What are the options and decorations of a wall-mounted electric fireplace?

Options et décorations pour une cheminée électrique murale
The advantage of a wall-mounted electric fireplace is its visual appearance, similar to that of a traditional fireplace. To complete the illusion, it is possible to add options and decorations to your electric fireplace. You will be able to personalize and adjust your electric fireplace according to your tastes, your interior and your needs. We provide you with a whole host of options and accessories, such as logs, pebbles, embers, sparks, and even crackling noise, > intended to increase the realistic effect. There are also several features depending on the model of the electric fireplace, such as a remote control to make your adjustments remotely or a digital thermostat to adjust the temperature, or even a timer to choose the operating time of your device. Thanks to a wide variety of products, you will easily find the electric fireplace that suits you. Find the perfect electric fireplace for your interior among the different types of electric fireplaces available: