Electric fireplaces:
Buying guide




In just a few years, the electric fireplace has become a trendy item. It is increasingly taking pride of place in our interiors. Founded in 2008, Chemin’Arte is a French brand that has established itself as the benchmark for decorative electric fireplaces in France. To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a buying guide for you. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team.
Derived from the concept of the traditional fireplace, the electric fireplace was created in England and is presented as an economical, secure and aesthetic means of heating. At Chemin’Arte you will find different fireplace models. You can consult our catalog, or get advice from one of our distributor stores to find the one that will add character to your interior and adapt perfectly to your needs. All our fireplaces are entirely designed in France in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, within our premises surrounded by mountains, which are true sources of inspiration. Thanks to our unique designs and realistic LED flame technology, you’ll feel like you have a fireplace with real flames, without the hassles! This type of fireplace is an ideal supplementary heater. No need for specific installation, just a place to place it and an electrical outlet. In fact, all you have to do is plug in your fireplace, and it’s ready to be used. The heat produced is gentle and spreads quickly throughout the room.

The different types of electric fireplace

The free-standing fireplace

A standing electric fireplace is versatile: place it wherever you want, on the ground or attached to the wall. Not only does it heat, but it also serves as a decorative element compatible with your furniture. Some can even accommodate objects like a vase or a television. Small in size, they are perfect for small rooms, they combine aesthetics and practicality, and can be moved easily.

The built-in fireplace

The built-in electric fireplace is halfway between the free-standing one and the insert one. It does not necessarily have to be built into a stone fireplace to be used, but must have a hole or niche in order to be installed there.
Cheminée électrique murale 5XL

The wall fireplace

The wall-mounted electric fireplace offers ideal space saving for small spaces and avoids clutter on the floor. Easy to attach to the wall, it adds a unique and dynamic touch to your interior, combining modernity and authenticity.
Cheminée électrique murale Volcano 3XL

The large fireplace

Often wall-mounted, the large electric fireplace is ideal for large rooms. It offers a warm atmosphere with a design reminiscent of traditional fireplaces and realistic animated flames.
Cheminée électrique mobile Vidrio

The mobile fireplace

The mobile electric fireplace is versatile: it moves easily to any room, adapting to small and large spaces. It serves as both efficient heating and a decorative element. Its soft flames add a harmonious touch to your decoration. With our numerous models, available in black or white, and adapted to various styles such as Scandinavian or industrial, you will definitely find the one that suits your interior.
Cheminée électrique mobile Foyer à buches avec effet flammes

The log fireplace

The log fireplace is ideally placed in an existing fireplace, offering the illusion of a real fire without smoke or ashes. We offer models from 45W to 2000W for various heating needs. Easy to install, they offer good value for money and can revitalize an old Haussmann fireplace.

The insert fireplace

The main advantage of the insert electric fireplace is that it does not modify your interior and gives you the opportunity to use an existing fireplace. Your old condemned fireplace will thus be given a second wind and will finally be highlighted.

What options are available for an electric fireplace?

A fireplace that moves easily

In the case of a mobile fireplace, you can move it to all your rooms as needed. However, this remains an auxiliary heater with a limited heating capacity, intended for small rooms. This type of model is ideal for a studio or for heating a bedroom. You can complement the effects of your portable electric fireplace with an electric radiator to heat a larger room.
Les options d'une cheminée électrique : sa mobilité

A remote control

Your electric fireplace may have a remote control. At Chemin’Arte, most of the fireplaces we offer come with a remote control. You can then modify certain settings of your fireplace on your sofa. You will be able to turn your device off and on remotely but also to adjust its heating power, the intensity of its flame, its color and its height.
Télécommande pour cheminée électrique

Heating power

For small rooms, a standing fireplace (or other) of small size and low intensity is perfect. However, for large spaces, it is better to opt for a more powerful fireplace, to be sure of being able to fully heat your area. fixed electric fireplaces or insert fireplaces are preferred for large areas. For an area of ​​10 m², count on a heating power of 1000 W. For an area of ​​15 m², choose a power of 1500 W or 2000 W instead. All our fireplaces are equipped with anti-overheating safety thermostats in order to heat your interior in complete safety.
Choix de la puissance de chauffe cheminée électrique

Energy saving

Chemin’Arte has chosen to equip most of its electric fireplaces with a“energy saving” mode. It will allow you to reduce the cost of your energy bills. Some modes even allow you to keep the flame lit, but without heating. This is very useful when you want to read your book by the fire, create a cozy atmosphere for an evening or enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace on a summer evening. The flame being made of LEDs, it consumes little energy.
Option d'une cheminée électrique : mode économie d'énergie


For certain electric fireplaces, you can add optional accessories. You can integrate additional logs, pebbles or crystals.

The pebbles placed between the flames of your electric fireplace will give azen look to your interior. You will have the possibility to decorate it to your liking to make it as aesthetic as desired. In addition, you can choose an electric fireplace offering the possibility of changing the color of the flames according to your desires. The “Volcano” wall fireplace or the “White Loft XXL” designer fireplace are fine examples.

Les galets et bout de bois, éléments de décoration internes pour votre cheminée électrique
The flames can turn red, yellow, blue or even green, giving you the opportunity to modulate the atmosphere of your home. It is even possible to combine colors with each other. Please note that, whatever their color, the flames of our electric fireplaces are always realistic. They operate using LED technology specially developed by Chemin’Arte.

Which electric fireplace is right for you?

Quel cheminée électrique choisir ? Depending on where you want to place it, various choices are available to you. You can opt for a built-in, wall-mounted appliance or a floor-standing fireplace. Your choice will be based on the size and configuration of your interior. Whatever your selection, an electric fireplace is always easy to maintain unlike a traditional fireplace. Indeed, this choice is not necessarily obvious but essential to find the most optimal electric fireplace for your interior. Indeed, you will be able to enjoy the heat and beauty of a flame, without suffering the inconveniences of a real fire. No need for wood stocks, no ashes, no smoke… The electric fireplace isideal for any modern or old home. To choose your fireplace, don’t forget to take into account certain important criteria, such as the power, the design as well as the budget that you wish to devote to it. Chemin’Arte offers a wide choice of fireplaces that could meet your desires and needs.

What type of fireplace for your home?

Quel type de cheminée pour votre intérieur ? An electric fireplace will follow you in all the rooms in which you want to install it: living room, dining room, kitchen, small office, etc. Whether you gather with family to enjoy a good meal or with friends around an aperitif, she will always be there to share these moments of great conviviality. Several types of electric fireplaces are available to you. Whether decorative, free-standing or built-in, your device will in all cases be part of the layout of your centerpieces. For this, it will be useful for you to have an idea of ​​where you want to install it and the function you intend to give it, to better choose the fireplace that will be ideal for you.

How an electric fireplace works

An electric fireplace is very easy to use. All you have to do is place or recess it in the desired location, or even attach it to the wall. Once this is done, all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on using the start button or the remote control. A blower generally allows heat to be distributed throughout the room. If you wish, you can just turn on your electric fireplace and benefit from the flame mode independently of the heating function, and create a unique atmosphere, summer and winter alike.

How do I install it?

Comment l'installer ?

The electric fireplaces are very simple to install. Intuitive and practical, installation is quick. However, it is important to place it near a power outlet to be able to plug it in. This instruction must be taken into account for all models, but its implementation differs depending on the model. Indeed, some electric fireplacesareto befixed to the wall. Others must be built into a wall or in an old fireplace and others are to be placed on the ground.

Installation remains simple and quick. Although some require more preparation than others, no major work will be necessary.

What kind of consumption?

Quelle est sa consommation ? An electric fireplace is advantageous in terms of its price: whether its purchase or consumption price which are very affordable. It consumes little energy, thanks to the LEDs for the flame effects which consume almost nothing, and the heating power is between 1,000 and 2,000 W. A fireplace consumes 1 kWh per kW, therefore thecost consumptiondepends on the model and the area you wish to heat. An electric fireplace has alower environmental impact, unlike a wood or gas fireplace. It does not release carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide into the air, it is a good solution to bioethanol heating.

What are the benefits?

An electric fireplace offers many advantages compared to the traditional.

First of all, its maintenance is really easy. No more going back and forth to get wood, light a fire, and especially clean up the ashes. Not to mention the cost of chimney sweeping. With an electric fireplace, a simple soft cloth and white vinegar is sufficient for cleaning.

It is also easy to install, requiring only an electrical outlet, without having to worry about an exhaust vent. Economically, it can be an advantageous solution. Not only does it eliminate the costs associated with purchasing wood and chimney sweeping, but also, by choosing a brand like Chemin’Arte, you benefit from a product guaranteed for 2 years.

Ecologically speaking, it is more respectful of the environment, emitting no toxic or greenhouse gases. In terms of safety, it eliminates the risk of fire, combustion and burns, protecting your loved ones and pets.

Finally, as a decorative element, it adds a touch of elegance to any room, contributing to a warm atmosphere, whether for evenings with family, friends or as a couple. It is available in various colors to match perfectly with your interior.

At Chemin’Arte, we focus on quality and design products. The strength and materials used are very important for an electric fireplace. The design too, because a fireplace can completely change the character of a room.

At Chemin’Arte, our “Research & Development” strives to excel on these two points: quality and aesthetics. However, we still pay attention to the price, because what is important to you is also important to us. We ensure that our electric fireplaces remain affordable for everyone. Selling our products on the internet, via distributor websites, gives us the opportunity to offer you items at the best prices for excellent quality.

We remain attentive to your needs and make it a point of honor to provide you with pleasant and impeccable after-sales service in the event of a problem. If you make your purchase online, don’t worry, we are here to guide you and follow you through your choices and questions. Our products are “made in France”, created by ourselves with solid, quality materials.

Concerned about our environmental impact, we manufacture our fireplaces based on recent technologies, some of which come from our own research in the field.

Chemin’Arte offers you, following years of design and research, a wide range of electric fireplaces.

We try to be experts with the objective of designing the element that will allow you to combine the comfort of heating with the class of a modern fireplace. We therefore offer you a varied range of electric fireplaces so that you can find the one that suits you.

Of course, as we manufacture them ourselves, our electric fireplaces are customizable. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

To present you with more products that meet your needs, we focus our research in terms of technology or design. Our after-sales service contributes greatly to diversifying and improving. Thus, we are inspired by the opinions and recommendations of our customers to direct our research with a view to creating and developing new models, always more in tune with the times, and even more designs and qualitative.

We then invite each customer to provide feedback regarding their user experience. Every opinion counts and can be useful, not only to our designers, the creators of Chemin’Arte, but also to our future clients. Chemin’Arte is committed to ensuring that its electric fireplaces, which will then become yours, warm up the atmosphere in your home.

What could be better than staying and going about your business by a cozy fire, but avoiding the hassle caused by a real fire? The electric fireplace produces gentle warmth, ideal for a cozy afternoon at home. Your friends and family will be delighted to spend their winter days next to you and your fireplace.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact a distributor store, who will be happy to answer you and will be able to direct you to the electric fireplace that you will need for your interior. You can also contact our customer service.

We also offer you a FAQ page dedicated to the most frequently asked questions about electric fireplaces. Maybe she can help you?