The electric fireplace is a unique system that has become very trendy in a few years. It is increasingly taking pride of place in our homes. Here is a short buying guide that we hope will help you decide on your preference.

But first, discover all our models and maybe the electric fireplace of our catalogue which corresponds to you:




Derived from the concept of the traditional fireplace, the electric fireplace was created in England and is an economical way of heating, secured and aesthetic.

You will find at Chemin’Arte different model in terms of electric fireplace. You can also consult our catalog or ask for advice from one of our distributor stores to find the electric fireplace that will give character to your interior and will perfectly suit your needs. All our electric fireplaces are entirely designed in France in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in our premises surrounded by mountains, which are true sources of inspiration.

Thanks to the different electric fireplaces proposed by Chemin’Arte, you will have the sensation of owning a real fireplace with real flames. The electric fireplace is an ideal auxiliary heating system. No special installation is required, just a place to put it and an electrical outlet. In fact, just plug in your fireplace, and it’s ready to be used. The heat produced is gentle and spreads quickly through the room.

Electric fireplace to be installed

You can place your electric fireplace to be installed wherever you want. It can be installed in the middle of your living room or your kitchen, but also fixed to the wall as a piece of furniture. The free-standing fireplace is an ideal heating element in your home, but it is also a unique decorative element, which should be chosen to form a pleasant whole with your furniture.

Some of our fireplaces can be used as a piece of furniture, on which you can place a vase, some books or even a television. Fireplaces to be installed are generally small in size, making them ideal for small rooms. The shapes of our mobile fireplaces have been specially designed to be aesthetically harmonious. This product is also designed to be easily moved and used.

Our latest products to be installed:

Built-in electric fireplace

The built-in electric fireplace is halfway between the electric fireplace to be installed and the electric fireplace in insert, which we will discuss below. The built-in fireplace does not necessarily require a stone fireplace to be used, but it does require a hole or a niche in order to be installed. Like all our other electric fireplaces, the built-in fireplace is easy to maintain and eliminates the inconvenience of a real fire (smoke, odors, ashes, flues, etc.).

Our latest built-in products:

Wall-mounted electric fireplace

Wall-mounted electric fireplace rhymes with… festival (in French)! With it, it’s a whole world of possibilities available to you.

By adopting it, you free up space in your home. For small spaces, the small salons, or for anyone who doesn’t like to see their floor cluttered, the wall-mounted fireplace that can be easily attached to the wall is a real space saver

The wall-mounted fireplace also unfolds for you a unique tableau. A picture in motion, that crackles, that warms bodies and hearts. Finally, the electric wall fireplace makes your interior decoration unique, trendy and authentic at the same time.

We take particular care to creating a wide diversity of models. We hope that one of our wall fireplaces meets your expectations and make your house or flat the cocoon in which you will enjoy relaxing.

Our latest wall-mounted units:

Large electric fireplace

A large electric fireplace is usually wall-mounted. It has an indisputable advantage: its aesthetics. It is perfect for large rooms thanks to its powerful heating performance and its decorative design. It will enhance your living room, making it friendly and warm. Its cladding is similar to that of a traditional fireplace, and its animated flame effects are very realistic. It is therefore a great visual argument.

We offer many large electric fireplaces, in the hope that you can find the perfect style and size for your home.

Our latest large size devices:

Mobile electric fireplace

The mobile electric fireplace has a considerable advantage: it can be placed anywhere. It is a nomad! It can be moved and moved to another room very quickly. It is adapted to all spaces, small and large. From the living room to the library, through the bedroom, the kitchen and the office, it knows how to find its place everywhere in the house. In addition to being a very efficient heater, it is also an exceptional decorative component.

Its soft and pleasant flames create harmony and give a unique style to your room. Between our various models of mobile fireplaces (available in black or white) and your inspiration, the decoration possibilities are endless. Whether your preference is Scandinavian or Indus, whether you want a clean, minimalist or designer look, we have a wide selection that is sure to please.

Our latest mobile electric fireplaces:

Log fire

Nest to perfection in the hearth of a fireplace existing to breathe new life into it. this is the log fire. No smoke or ash from these logs incandescent which wonderfully simulate the warmth and beauty of a wood fire. In order to meet the different expectations, Chemin’Arte has created a fireplace with a heating capacity of 45 W, thus than another of 2 000W intended forlarger heating volumes. Installed in minutes, these models offer excellent value for money and will be able to rehabilitate a beautiful fireplace of the Haussmannian style which had been forgotten until now.

Electric fireplace in insert

The main advantage of the fireplace insert is that it does not modify your interior and gives you the opportunity to use an existing fireplace. Your old fireplace will be given a new lease on life and will finally be put to good use.

What options should you choose for your electric fireplace?

Mobile electric fireplace

In the case of a mobile fireplace, you will be able to move it around in all your rooms according to your needs. This being said, mobile fireplaces are still mainly used as auxiliary heaters and have a limited heating capacity designed for small rooms. This type of model is ideal for a studio or to heat a room.

You can complement the effects of your mobile electric fireplace with an electric radiator if you want to heat larger rooms.

Advantage of mobile electric fireplace

Remote control for electric fireplaces

You can choose for a fireplace with a remote control.

At Chemin’Arte, most of our electric fireplaces come with a remote control. You can then change some of the settings of your fireplace from the comfort of your sofa. You will be able to turn off and on your electric fireplace remotely, but also to adjust its heating power, the intensity of its flame, its color and its height.

All this makes it a very practical element.

Remote control electric fireplace

Heating power

For small rooms, a small, low intensity fireplace to be installed (or other) is perfectly suited. However, for large spaces, it is better to opt for a more powerful fireplace, to be sure to be able to heat your entire surface. Fixed electric fireplaces or fireplace inserts are best for large areas.

For a surface of 10 m², you can expect a heating capacity of 1,000 W. For a surface of 15 m², choose an electric fireplace instead of a power of 1,500W or of 2,000W

All our fireplaces are equipped with overheating safety thermostats to heat your home safely.

Energy saving

Chemin’Arte has chosen to equip most of its electric fireplaces with an “energy saving” mode. This will allow you to make impressive energy savings. Some modes even allow the flame to remain lit, but without heating. This is very useful when you want to read your book by the fire, create a cosy atmosphere for a small party or enjoy the atmosphere of a fireplace on a summer evening. As the flame is made of LEDs, it consumes little energy.

Internal decorative elements

For some electric fireplaces, you can add optional internal decorative elements. For example, additional logs, pebbles or crystals can be integrated.

Pebbles placed between the flames of your electric fireplace will give a “zen” look to your interior. You can decorate your fireplace as you wish to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. You can also choose an electric fireplace whose flames change colour as you wish. The «Volcano» wall-mounted fireplace or the «White Loft XXL» design fireplace are good examples.

Internal decoration for electric fireplace

The beautiful flames can turn red, yellow, blue or even green, giving you the opportunity to modulate the atmosphere in your home. It is even possible to combine colours. It is important to note that the flames of our electric fireplaces are always realistic. They are powered by LED technology specially developed by Chemin’Arte.

What choice for your electric fireplace?

What choice for your electric fireplace? Depending on where you want to place it, there are various choices. You can choose a built-in fireplace, a wall-mounted fireplace or a floor-standing fireplace. Your choice will depend on the size and the configuration of your home. Whatever your choice, an electric fireplace is always easy to maintain, unlike a conventional fireplace. Indeed, choosing an electric fireplace is not necessarily obvious but essential to find the most optimal electric fireplace for your home. Indeed, you can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a flame, without suffering the inconvenience of a real fire. No need for wood stocks, no ashes, no smoke… The electric fireplace is ideal for any modern or old. When choosing your fireplace, do not forget to take into account certain important criteria, such as power, design and the budget you wish to spend on your future electric fireplace. Chemin’Arte offers a wide choice of fireplaces that might suit your wishes and needs.

What type of fireplace for your home?

Electric fireplace: which type for your home? The Chemin’Arte electric fireplace will follow you into any room where you want to install it: living room, dining room, kitchen, small office, etc. Whether you are gathering with your family to enjoy a good meal or with friends over an aperitif, it will always be there to share these moments of great convivialitySeveral types of electric fireplaces are available. Whether decorative, to be installed or built-in, the electric fireplace will always be part of the layout of your main rooms. To do this, it will be useful to have an idea of where you want to install it and the function you intend to give it, to better choose the fireplace that will be ideal for you.

Operation of an electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is very simple to use. All you have to do is place it in the desired location or mount it on the wall. Once this done, you only have to plug it in and switch it on with the start button or the remote control. A blower generally allows the heat to be spread throughout the room. If you wish, you can just switch on your electric fireplace and enjoy the flame mode independently of the heating function, and create a unique atmosphere, in summer as winter.

How to install an electric fireplace?

How to install an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are very simple to install. Intuitive and practical, installation is quick. However, it is important to place your electric fireplace near a mains socket so that it can be plugged in. This applies to all types of electric fireplaces, but the installation of each one differs according to the model. Some electric fireplaces, such as electric wall-mounted electric fireplaces, are wall-mounted. Others have to be built into a wall or in an old fireplace, and still others are floor-standing.

Installing an electric fireplace is quick and easy for all types. Although some require more preparation than others, no major work is required.

What is the power consumption of an electric fireplace?What is the power consumption of an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace is advantageous in terms of price. Whether it is purchase price or the consumption price, it still very affordable. An electric fireplace consumes little energy, the LEDs for the flame effects consume almost nothing, and the heating power is between 1,000 and 2,000 W. An electric fireplace consumes 1 kWh per kW, so the cost of consumption depends on the model of electric fireplace and the area you wish to heat.

An electric fireplace has a lower environmental impact than a wood or gas fireplace. It does not release carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide into the air, so it is a good alternative to bioethanol heating.

Advantages of an electric fireplace

Easy to maintain

Forget about the maintenance that a traditional fireplace requires! With a traditional fireplace, you first had to fetch wood. Then you had to manage to light a fire. Once the fire was lit, you had to keep it going. Finally, you had to clean the chimney, which of course had produced smoke, ash scattered across the room and other unpleasantness. Let’s not even talk about the chore of having a chimney sweep come several times a year, which was also expensive. With an electric fireplace, there’s no need for all that! The maintenance of an electric fireplace is really very simple. Simply clean the exterior with a soft cloth and white vinegar.

Easy to install

The electric fireplace is very easy to install and does not require any prior preparation. Unlike a conventional fireplace, it does not need a flue. All you need is an electrical outlet and a choice of location.


Heating with an electric fireplace can be economical. All you need is a little electricity. You don’t have to do any heavy, expensive work to install it. No more buying wood and coal, no more sweeping your chimney: an electric fireplace has no flue. What’s more, when you buy your fireplace from Chemin’Arte, you are investing in a quality product that will last over time. All our electric fireplaces are guaranteed for 2 years.


Unlike conventional fireplaces, the electric fireplace does not emit toxic or greenhouse gases or other environmentally harmful fumes. There is no need for wood or coal to fuel it.


Thanks to the electric fireplace, you can heat your home in complete safety. There is no risk of fire because there is no combustion or real flames.

There is no risk of burning, so you don’t have to worry about your children or pets. Chemin’Arte ensures that the door of your fireplace remains cool even when heated to full temperature.


Electric fireplaces are a great addition to your home. They are the perfect decoration for any room. The fireplace can be a decorative treasure for your space, or simply the little extra that adds to the place its unique character. There’s nothing like a fireplace to create a cosy atmosphere, or to create a friendly atmosphere for evenings with friends, family or a couple. Our appliances are available in white, black, stainless steel or red.

Why choose Chemin’Arte?

Why choose Chemin'Arte for your electric fireplace?

At Chemin’Arte we focus on quality and design. The solidity and materials used are very important for an electric fireplace. The design is also important, because a fireplace can change the entire look of a room.

At Chemin’Arte, our Research & Development department is committed to excelling in both these areas: quality and aesthetics. However, we also pay attention to price, because what is important to you is also important to us. We make sure that our electric fireplaces are affordable for everyone. Selling our products on the internet, via distributor websites, gives us the opportunity to offer you the best prices for excellent quality.

We pay just as much attention to listening to you and make it a point of honour to provide you with a pleasant and impeccable after-sales service in the event of a problem. If you make your purchase on the internet, don’t worry, we also stay close to you to guide you and follow you in your choices and your questions. Our products are “made in France”, created by ourselves with solid and quality materials.

Concerned about our environmental impact, we manufacture our fireplaces based on recent technologies, some of which are derived from our own research in the domain.

Chemin’Arte offers you a wide range of electric fireplaces after years of design and research.

We try to be experts in designing the element that will allow you to combine the comfort of a heater with the class of a modern fireplace. We therefore offer you a wide range of electric fireplaces so that you can find the one that suits you.

Of course, since we manufacture them ourselves, our electric fireplaces can be customised. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

In order to offer you more and more products that meet your needs, we focus our research on technology and design. Our after-sales service contributes greatly to our diversification and improvement. We are inspired by the opinions and recommendations of our customers to direct our research towards the creation and development of new models, always more in tune with the times, and even more design and quality.

We then invite each customer to provide feedback on their user experience. Every testimonial counts and can be useful, not only to our designers, the creators of Chemin’Arte, but also to our future customers. Chemin’Arte is committed to ensuring that the electric fireplaces that become your own warm up the atmosphere in your home.

What could be better than sitting by a roaring fire, but without the hassle of a real fire? The electric fireplace produces a gentle warmth, ideal for a cosy afternoon at home. Your friends and family will be delighted to spend their winter days with you and your fireplace.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a dealer, who will be happy to answer your questions and direct you to the electric fireplace you need for your home. You can also contact our customer service.

We also have a FAQ page dedicated to the most frequently asked questions about the electric fireplace. Perhaps it will help you?