Electric fireplace Élysée 3XL

Recommended retail price:699.00 

Thanks to its front air intake, this very wide (152 cm) electric fireplace can totally disappear in the wall like a painting. With its small depth (16 cm), it is very easy to install. For the rest, it benefits from all the technologies of the brand, in particular its ultra realistic flame effects, thanks to the multicolored LEDs Chemin’arte. With this new generation fireplace, it’s the joy of a fire without dust, without maintenance and without the chore of wood. In terms of design, the stainless steel front will fit perfectly into any decorative style, especially those in the loft or industrial spirit on a brick wall for example. Enjoy the pleasure of a real fireplace with the adjustment of the temperature (electronic thermostat) and the intensity of the flames from the LCD screen. This model can heat a room of 30 m2. You can also use it in economy mode, just for the pleasure of the flames. It is also equipped with an 8-hour timer, for more peace of mind.


  • Ultra-realistic flame effect: 12 color LED technology Chemin’Arte
  • Fully built-in fireplace thanks to its front air inlets and outlets
  • Thermostat for setting the temperature via the LCD display (turns off after setting)
  • Timer
  • Adjustable flame intensity
  • Power: 2000W thermostat, overheat protection
  • Remote adjustment remote control
  • Extra large modern design, grey/brown decorative pebbles
  • Can be wall-mounted or recessed with the supplied accessories
  • Total safety because no real combustion but a very realistic flame effect
  • Delivered with white rollers
  • Warranty 2 years

Additional information

Dimensions 152 × 16 × 45 cm


Type of installation

Built-in, Mural

Flame technology

LED 4 colors