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Cheminee electrique Chemin'Arte Elysée Infinity

A high-quality, flexible and attractive electric fireplace? That’s the promise of the decorative electric fireplace by CHEMIN’ARTE. Our fireplaces are designed in France, in the Rhône-Alpes region, in our own offices.

CHEMIN’ARTE electric fireplaces are the perfect blend of innovation and art of living. Our teams put their expertise and experience to work for you, offering you the very best. The perfect combination of design and comfort, you benefit from all the advantages of a fireplace without the drawbacks: wood chores, smoke and dust will be a distant memory. Our electric fireplaces consume very little energy and can be wall- or floor-mounted: they radiate gentle, enveloping warmth and are easy to install thanks to the “plug and play” system. You’ll love spending evenings by the fire!

To meet your every need, our fireplace fronts are interchangeable. Thanks to LED by Chemin’arte technology, you can also choose the color of the flame to suit your mood. You can opt for a hushed ambience to relax in the evening after a long day’s work, or a cosier one to share an aperitif with friends. Trendy and comfortable, our fireplaces will appeal to all those who like to share convivial moments around the fire.

Our contemporary-design products offer optimum comfort. We do our utmost to meet your needs: with the Chemin’arte electric fireplace, you can enjoy an ultra-realistic flame and gentle, even heat without the inconvenience of tedious maintenance.

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The electric fireplace
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Our wide range of electric fireplaces includes wall-mounted fireplaces, floor-standing fireplaces and small auxiliary models. In the living room or master suite, your electric fireplace will add a special charm to your home.

With arte electric fireplaces, you benefit from modern comfort and optimum safety: our models feature a cold door function and devices that allow the fireplace to shut down automatically in the event of a malfunction or fault.

Choosing an electric fireplace means making a choice with complete peace of mind: real security for all young parents. The economical decorative fireplace has it all! We attach great importance to protecting the environment and reducing our ecological impact, which is why we use the latest technologies to ensure complete control over your energy consumption and therefore your budget.