Decorative electric fireplace and decorative radiator


Enter a world of comfort, warmth and aesthetics

A high quality, modular and aesthetic electric fireplace? This is the promise of the decorative electric fireplace by CHEMIN’ARTE. Our chimneys are designed in France, in the Rhône-Alpes region, within our own offices. The CHEMIN’ARTE electric fireplaces are a true meeting between innovation and art of living. our teams put their expertise and experience at the service of your comfort and offer you the best. A perfect combination of design and optimal comfort, you will enjoy all the advantages of a fireplace without the inconveniences: woodwork, smoke and dust will only be a distant memory. Our electric fireplaces consume little and can be installed on the wall or on the floor: they diffuse a soft and enveloping heat and are easily installed thanks to the “plug and play” system. You’ll love spending your evenings by the fire!

To satisfy all your desires, the fronts of our fireplaces are interchangeable. Thanks to the LED by Chemin’arte technology, you can also choose the colour of the flame, depending on your mood at the time. You can opt for a hushed atmosphere to relax in the evening after a long working day, or a more cosy atmosphere to share an aperitif with friends. Trendy and comfortable, our fireplaces will seduce all those who like to share convivial moments around the fire.

Our products with contemporary design offer you optimal comfort. We do everything possible to meet your needs: with the Chemin’Arte electric fireplace, you benefit from an ultra realistic flame, a soft and regular heat without having to undergo the inconveniences of tedious maintenance.

The electric fireplace
by chemin'arte

Our wide range of electric fireplaces includes wall-mounted fireplaces, floor-mounted fireplaces as well as small add-on models. In the living room or master suite, your electric fireplace will bring a special charm to your home.

With Chemin’arte electric chimneys, you benefit from modern comfort and optimal safety: our models have a cold door function as well as devices that allow the chimney to stop automatically in case of malfunction or anomaly.

Choosing an electric fireplace means making a choice with complete peace of mind: true safety for all young parents. The decorative fireplace is economical and has everything to please! We attach great importance to the protection of the environment and to our ecological impact, which is why we use the most recent technologies: thus, we ensure complete control of your energy consumption and therefore, of your budget.

The decorative radiator by Chemin’arte is more than just an electric heating material: real decorative objects, its facades display colours, effects and graphics that will find their place in any interior, whatever the trend you like. Our team studies the decoration trends of the moment, listens to the returns of our customers to always match the air of the time. For the 2017/2018 collection, new designs complete the range, to go even further in the idea of a totally personalised decoration where the radiator disappears and blends totally into your decor.

Radiador eléctrico
por Chemin'Arte

Baroque, vintage, loft or Scandinavian atmosphere, metal or mineral effect, this collection will seduce all those who want to reconcile thermal performance and comfort with aesthetics and originality.

Chemin’arte has developed its decorative radiator by focusing on aesthetics of course, but also on technical and thermal performance. Whether for wall or floor mounting, our radiators can be used in any space and meet any need. Underfloor installation allows you to heat a particular room and then move the unit whenever you want. The technologies integrated in the decorative radiators by Chemin’arte have been chosen by our teams according to the radiator’s electricity consumption: we are aware that the most beautiful radiator must also be energy efficient.