Decorative fireplace


Chemin'Arte decorative fireplaces are designed to bring you comfort and pleasure without having to worry about the maintenance or safety of your fireplace. In fact, after a quick installation (about 15 minutes), you can enjoy a real moment of relaxation by the fire.
Decorative fireplace

Yesterday reserved for individual houses and old flats, the decorative electric fireplace was reserved for a public of owners. The evolution of heating technologies and design now allows everyone to benefit from this warmth and that special atmosphere in its interior.

The evolution of practices in the field of consumption energetic, boosted by the rising cost of gas and fuel oil, has also contributed to the development of new heating equipment, and it is now the imperative of reconciling thermal heat and environmental protection which has led to the development of mobile, built-in and wall-mounted decorative electric fireplaces.

Chemin'Arte: Decorative electric fireplace or ethanol fireplace?

While it is true that the decorative electric ethanol fireplace is very attractive because of its design, its flame effects and its heating, the decorative electric fireplace is not to be outdone! The first of the decorative electric wall-mounted fireplaces produces a real design flame effect, and exists in an infinite number of designs and powers. Its main drawback is its price, if you are planning to heat a whole room with a fireplace built-in or decorative wall, and that you invest in material that complies with current standards.

It is also necessary to take into account the constraints linked to the purchase price of the product, the stock, the delivery and handling of bioethanol. This combustible has been criticized for some time by actors of the preservation of environment, because its massive production has a significant impact on traditional crops and, in some regions, on the maintenance of biodiversity. Finally, wall mounting or fixed decorative built-in heater is still mandatory for families with small children, to avoid accidents. A solution for the decoration of your room, certainly but which does not satisfy the majority of people.

The decorative electric fireplace has almost all the advantages of the decorative electric ethanol fireplace without the disadvantages:
– Heat
– Remote control
– Style
– Power
– Decorative
– Realistic flames

Thanks to the standards imposed by France for decorative electric fireplace equipment, whether built-in or wall-mounted, it is easy to choose a reliable brand of heater that offers the right performance for your room. As you can see by browsing through our white or black collections, there is a wide variety of decorative design products, colours and sizes that will enhance your decor.

Another advantage of Chemin’Arte is that we offer both a decorative electric fireplace and a wall-mounted fireplace, built-in fireplace than a floor-standing one. You can thus move your decorative electric fireplace from the living room to the night space according to the desires of your interior. The temperature of your heater is adjustable, in the same way as with a decorative radiator, and some of our models are equipped with a remote control, for total comfort in your home.

Discover below some of our decorative electric fireplaces for installation and wall mounting.

Artificial flame effect (LED) design certainly, but still pretty!

This is the question that dominates! Obviously, the flame is imitated, but again, technology helps a lot! 

This question mobilises the design office team continuously. Of course, this is not a perfect imitation, as only the nature of your heating can achieve this, but we try to get as close as possible to absolute realism for your decor.

To reinforce the details of the flame of our decorative electric fireplaces, whether built-in or wall-mounted, we have also taken care to select pebbles and high-quality wood from our range of white or black accessories. You can opt for a traditional spirit with wood logs or a design spirit with pebbles.

Our company, Chemin’Arte, decided to go beyond the imitation of the design flame itself: 

Some of our white or black heating models are equipped with remote control technology developed by Chemin’Arte, and allows you to change the colour of the flame of your decorative electric fireplace to change the effect of the atmosphere and enjoy a colourful design light. To date, we offer yellow, red, green and blue effect colours with LED technology, but our teams are working to expand the palette and our offerings.

Even if it means not being able to match nature, Chemin’Arte tried to play the originality card. However, we were also inspired by trends in lighting and interior design. The chronotherapy of our decorative electric fireplace, whether built-in or wall-mounted, is one of the trends we have observed in the evolution of the art of living. Previously reserved for therapists, colour-care takes over interiors, so we, too, went for it. Surprising at first, these models have seduced both professionals and private individuals with their style.

The power of colour and heat

Chromatherapy with our flame effects is a form of alternative medicine that uses colour to influence the mind and mood.

The principles of chromatherapy, our decorative electric fireplace, are widely used by decorating professional to create an atmosphere conducive to well-being according to each interior room and according to the way of living there. Here are some of the powers of colour that our LED design by Chemin’Arte technology will offer you:

Green (led): green is a colour that evokes nature, spring, it soothes the mind and encourages reverie. It can be found in the bedroom and the bathroom. Adjustable with remote control.

Colour green chromatherapy decorative fireplace

Red (led): Red is the colour of power, excitement, dominance and movement. It is suitable for rooms such as an office, a creative design space on your wall. Adjustable with remote control.

Colour red chromatherapy decorative fireplace

Orange (led): a mixture of yellow and red, this invigorating colour is a driving force, stimulating action and erasing inhibitions. Depending on the profile of each person, it can be used in the kitchen, an office or a living room.

Decorative orange chromatherapy fireplace

Yellow (led): a tonic, joyful, luminous colour, yellow is the anti-depression colour par excellence. It can be found everywhere in the house except in rest areas. Adjustable with remote control.

Colour yellow chromatherapy decorative fireplace

The fairy fireplace electricity, friend of the budget:
Chemin’Arte has selected models of decorative electric fireplaces, built-in and wall-mounted technologies and materials for optimal heating performance for low energy consumption, in line with the requirements of current energy policy. The possibility of adjusting the temperature of your heating via the thermostat reinforces the economic character of our decorative electric fireplaces.

We hope that all these arguments have convinced you to bring the flame into your design interior! Please feel free to browse our decorative electric fireplace catalogue to discover all our models, choose the distributor that suits you, and if you feel like it, we invite you to discover our decorative electric radiators to complete the equipment of your home.