Fireplace with logs

Recommended retail price:109.00 

The old fireplaces are often no longer functional, especially in the renovated old apartments. Chemin’Arte launches this year the product that will bring your fireplace back to life! This home required a lot of research because our team was looking for perfection and optimal realism. A successful bet with these incandescent logs, which perfectly restore the natural colours and appearance of the wood that is consumed. The dimensions have been adjusted so that this fireplace can be integrated in most old fireplaces, with or without insert.


  • Power 45W
  • Reddening wood fire effect
  • No maintenance, no smoke, no odor, no dust, no ducting required
  • Can be installed inside an existing chimney
  • Quick and easy installation (about 2 minutes)
  • Warranty 2 years

Additional information

Dimensions 46 × 23 × 22 cm


Type of installation

Mobile, To be placed on the ground

Flame technology

Yellow LEDs