Electric fireplace Sydney

Recommended retail price:579.00 

Give your room a special touch, without any work or effort! With the decorative fireplace with ultra-realistic combustion, you can relive the feeling of a beautiful evening by the fire. The Chemin’arte LED technology guarantees you a warm look like a real fireplace, without the inconveniences: no smoke, no smell, no dust… The 7 coloured LEDs under the tablet transform your room to make it a cosy and trendy place. Take advantage of its heating function to enhance your mild winter evenings. The quality of the modern and refined design will make it an essential decorative element to create a warm atmosphere and without risk of burns since the entire fireplace remains perfectly cold.


  • Ultra realistic flame effect (Chemin’Arte LED technology) that reproduces the atmosphere of a real fireplace
  • Headband of 7 colors leds under the shelf which illuminates the chimney and underlines its design
  • Temperature control thermostat via LCD display (turns off after setting)
  • Daily and weekly hourly programming
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable flame intensity
  • No maintenance, no smoke, no odor, no dust, no ducting required
  • Heats a room of about 30m²
  • Power saving mode that consumes only 5W (flames only)
  • Modern and clean design
  • The chimney remains perfectly cold (no risk of burns)
  • Can be laid on the ground
  • Quick and easy installation. Delivered assembled
  • 2000W heating power per convection fan
  • Total safety because no real combustion but a very realistic flame effect
  • The body of the mantel is in white varnished MDF wood
  • The power cord can be hidden behind the chimney so that it is not visible
  • Warranty 2 years

Additional information

Dimensions 98 × 28 × 80 cm


Type of installation

To be placed on the ground

Flame technology

Yellow LEDs