Electric fireplace to be installed


The electric fireplaces are known for their ease of movement and their easy integration into different environments. Very easy to use and install, it will delight most people.
Electric fireplace to be installed

The electric fireplace to be installed allows you to warm your home while decorating it and adding character and comfort. It imitates the classic wood-burning fireplace perfectly thanks to its cladding and its flame effects created by LED lighting. The electric fireplace is efficient in its heating power and consumes less than a gas or wood heater. The electric fireplace is practical, easy to use and requires no maintenance or supervision. In addition to all this, it is economical and ecological.

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How does an electric fireplace to be installed work?

A floor standing electric fireplace creates the illusion of a real traditional fireplace with a real fire, but in fact operates entirely electrically, which reproduces the flames with LED lighting and also guarantees a consistent heating solution.

The first advantage of an electric fireplace covers two aspects: visual and decorative. The electric fireplace uses an LED lighting system. The fireplace is therefore very realistic with its flames and logs. Optional sparks and crackles are also present on some models. The play of light creating the flames makes the illusion perfect, and the cladding of the electric fireplace mimics that of the traditional fireplace to perfection. This electric fireplace makes your home warm, comfortable and friendly. Several models exist, allowing you to match the aesthetics of your electric fireplace to your interior design.

Another strong point is that the electric fireplace offers an efficient heating solution with a very high heating power It works in a simple way: cold air enters a thermal convector and passes through an electric resistance, creating heat, and then exits the appliance, dispersing into the room with the help of a fan. No real fire is present in an electric fireplace, then there is no risk of burning or fire. The cladding or glass of a free-standing electric fireplace is not heated at all. Thanks to this electric heater, you can enjoy all the advantages of a traditional fireplace, while avoiding its disadvantages: no need for wood, cleaning, maintenance or supervision.

How to install an electric fireplace to be placed?

How to install an electric fireplace to be placed?

An electric fireplace to be installed is very easy to install. It is designed to be placed on the floor. All you need to do is find a location that suits its size, style and heating power. You can easily install your electric fireplace yourself. On the other hand, thought must be given to the air circulation around it, but there is no need for a chimney flue as no smoke or soot is released. However, it is imperative that you place your electric fireplace near a power supply so that you can plug it into an electrical outlet and operate it. We recommend that you keep your electric fireplace away from other electrical or electronic appliances to avoid damage to them. Electric fireplaces are particularly easy and convenient to install.

What are the different types of electric fireplaces to be installed?

There are several types of electric fireplaces for installation, it all depends on your needs and desires. Indeed, they come in many shapes, styles, textures, colours, and with many accessories, options and decorations. Your choice can be made according to the space you wish to fit your electric fireplace into, but also according to the surface area to be heated which will determine the necessary heating power

There are a variety of models to choose from, so you can find the perfect electric fireplace for your home and decor.

The electric fireplaces are elegant and minimalist, suitable for a modern, classic or vintage style.

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Nomad electric fireplaces are a type of electric fireplace that can be placed anywhere in a home. This device is very easy to install.Different designs exist, from vintage to modern. It can be easily moved to any location and is very decorative.

We can also offer you our range of electric wall fireplaces and, in the same family, our large electric fireplaces. There are also built-in electric fireplaces.

What is the consumption of an electric fireplace to be placed installed

The consumption of an electric fireplace is minimal. In fact, the LED lighting and the electric heating consume almost nothing. An electric fireplace has a heating capacity of between 1,000 and 2,000 W, quickly heating a room of more than 30 m². To give an example, an appliance with a heating capacity of 3 kW consumes 3 kWh. Currently, the price of electricity is 0.1765 € per kilowatt-hour, so heating a 30 m² room costs 50 ct per hour.

It is important to note that electric fireplaces are very environmentally friendly, unlike wood-burning fireplaces, which emit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, gases that are dangerous to our health and to our planet.

What are the options and decorations for an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace adds a touch of character and cosiness to your home, not to mention heating it. The electric fireplaces are very realistic in their design and their flame effects produced by a play of light with LED lighting.

There are different designs and styles that can blend in perfectly with your house or flat.

You can also choose your electric fireplace from several colours. And don’t forget the accessories to enhance it, such as logs, a bed of embers or small pebbles to complete the illusion.

Our fireplaces are equipped with several features, such as a digital thermostat and a timer, to set the temperature and define a time of use. They can also come with a remote control to make your settings from a distance. You can find electric fireplaces with LEDs on the side to add warm and pleasant lighting. On some models, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the flames and the different effects, such as a screen technique with 3D flames.

In short, an electric fireplace offers: lighting, flame effects, heating, accessories and several features. It can of course be customised to suit your taste and interior.

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