Electric fireplace Empire State

Recommended retail price:349.00 

The Empire State by Chemin’Arte Decorative Chimney is the ideal way to create an urban atmosphere in your home. It is equally suitable in a clear monochrome environment, where it will become a central visual point, like a painting.
Idea given by one of our clients: “I literally had a crush on this visual, because I thought it would blend in well with the industrial spirit that I really like. As we moved into our new apartment after work, she guided all my decoration. So I declined curtains, cushions, accessories in identical tones. I love this cosy New York atmosphere”


  • Ultra realistic flame effect (Chemin’Arte technology) that reproduces the atmosphere of a real fireplace
  • Flame adjustable in height and intensity
  • 2 heating modes 900 and 1800W selectable from remote control or chimney
  • Energy saving mode that consumes only 6W (flames only)
  • Heats a room of about 25m ²
  • Safety thermostat against overheating
  • The front (6mm tempered glass) remains perfectly cold (no risk of burns)
  • Total safety because no real combustion but a very realistic flame effect
  • Remote adjustment remote control
  • Modern and clean design. The front is black framed by a stainless steel band
  • Possibility to integrate decoration accessories (logs, red crystals,…). Sold as an option
  • Delivered with decorative rollers
  • Quick and easy installation (about 15 minutes)
  • Attaches to wall with supplied accessories (not foot compatible)
  • The chimney is built-in (allow a day of 10 cm above the body of the chimney)
  • No maintenance, no smoke, no odour, no dust, no ducting required
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty

Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 14 × 85 cm


Type of installation


Flame technology

Yellow LEDs