Electric fireplace Élysée 5XL

Recommended retail price:899.00 

You are looking for a huge decorative fireplace, built-in, whose tempered glass façade remains perfectly cold to avoid all risks of burns, which requires no maintenance and emits no smoke or smell? Thanks to Chemin’arte your dream becomes reality! With the Elysée 5XL built-in decorative fireplace you create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation in a few seconds: all you have to do is enjoy a soft, continuous and even heat, easily adjustable.


  • Ultra realistic flame effect (Chemin’Arte LED technology) that reproduces the atmosphere of a real fireplace
  • Fully built-in fireplace thanks to its front air inlets and outlets
  • LEDs with color change: YELLOW/RED/BLUE
  • LCD display for temperature control (electronic thermostat). The display turns off after setting
  • Energy saving mode that consumes only 15W (flames only)
  • Remote adjustment remote control
  • Timer 8h
  • Adjustable flame intensity
  • No maintenance, no smoke, no odor, no dust, no ducting required
  • The tempered glass front remains perfectly cold (no risk of burns)
  • Heats a room of about 30m ²
  • 2000W heating power per convection fan
  • Can be wall-mounted or recessed with the supplied accessories
  • Delivered with decorative rollers
  • Total safety because no real combustion but a very realistic flame effect
  • Warranty 2 years

Additional information

Dimensions 182 × 16 × 45 cm


Type of installation

Built-in, Mural

Flame technology

LED 4 colors