Built-in electric fireplace




The electric fireplace has become a very trendy item in just a few years. It is increasingly taking pride of place in our interiors. Founded in 2008, Chemin’Arte is a French brand which has established itself as the benchmark for decorative electric fireplaces in France. In order to guide you in your choice, a buying guide is offered to you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team.
The built-in electric fireplace is a heating system reproducing the appearance of a traditional fireplace. It is efficient in its heating power, while consuming less energy than gas or wood heating. It adds character and warmth to your interior thanks to the illusion of flames. This gem in terms of auxiliary heating is really practical to use and maintain. It is also ecological and economical thanks to its operation. So that you can educate yourself and find the best electric fireplace for you:

How does a built-in electric fireplace work?

A built-in electric fireplace is aesthetically similar to a traditional fireplace, but the heating system is electric. It reproduces the visual appearance of a wood-burning fireplace with an LED lighting system. The flames inside the fireplace burn on logs, a detail which reinforces their realism; they instantly warm up your living room. The aesthetic of an electric fireplace changes your interior, creating a friendly atmosphere thanks to the flame effects and its cladding which perfectly simulate a traditional fireplace. There are several styles of electric fireplaces. So you can find the perfect decorative fireplace for your interior. Are you more modern, unusual, vintage, classic or traditional? Choose from our selection of built-in electric fireplaces. And what about the heat? The heat created by an electric fireplace comes from a blower electric heating system. It is manufactured using a thermal convector and an electrical resistance. A fan diffuses the hot air throughout the room. The fire in the fireplace is not real, which allows on the one hand to avoid any risk of fire or burns. On the other hand, the cladding and the glass of the fireplace electric are not hot, which spares you all the inconveniences of a wood fireplace. No need to cut or accumulate wood, no maintenance is necessary because there are no ashes to clean up, and no need to bother lighting and feeding a fire.

How to install a built-in electric fireplace?

Comment installer une cheminée électrique encastrable ?
A built-in electric fireplace must be inserted into the hearth of an old fireplace, or into a wall or piece of furniture provided for this purpose. The most important thing for an electric fireplace is to be close to a power supply, to be able to plug it in so that it works. It is perfectly acceptable to install an electrical outlet in the opening provided for the appliance, which allows the outlet to be concealed. It is advisable to keep all electronic and electrical devices away from the electric fireplace, in order to prevent them from being damaged. You also need to think about the space needed for air circulation around the chimney. If it must be installed inside an old wood-burning fireplace, you may need to carry out work to adapt it according to the particularities of the device. On the other hand, no chimney is useful, since there is no smoke or soot. Electric fireplaces, practical and easy to install, are often sold ready to use. However, depending on the model, you may need to securely fix the device, for example with fixing plugs.

What are the different types of built-in electric fireplaces?

There are several types of built-in electric fireplaces. It all depends on the conditions in which you make your purchase: the surface to be heated, the space available, the opening accommodating your device and other particularities must be taken into account. There are several formats and sizes of built-in electric fireplaces, which vary in height, width and depth. You should also consider that the weight of the electric fireplace increases with its size. Also, the heating power is different depending on the model and must be taken into account to be able to adapt it to the surface to be heated. It is recommended to calculate the heating power according to the space to be heated, like this for example: 1 kW for 10 m². Two heating modes are available: the majority of devices operate by forced air, with resistances creating the heat and a fan which is used to diffuse the hot air throughout the room. Other electric fireplaces work with a radiant heating system. The visual aspect must also be taken into account. In order to match your interior and meet your desires and needs, there are various models in different styles and colors. Our built-in electric fireplaces:
Wall-mounted electric fireplaces may also interest you. This type of electric fireplace is fixed to the wall, as are large electric fireplaces. There are also electric fireplaces to install and nomadic electric fireplaces.

What is the consumption of a built-in electric fireplace?

Quelle est la consommation d’une cheminée électrique encastrable ?
An electric fireplace consumes very little energy. The lighting of a built-in electric fireplace, essential for the flame effects, consumes almost nothing. Regarding heating consumption, it varies depending on the model and its heating power. It is 1 kWh per kilowatt, knowing that the price of a kilowatt-hour of electricity is currently €0.1765. A device with a heating power of 3 kW consumes 3 kWh. Heating a 30 m² room would therefore cost around 50 cents per hour. You should know that an electric fireplace is much more ecological than a traditional one. Indeed, a built-in electric fireplace is very environmentally friendly because electricity is less polluting than the carbon dioxide generated by the use of conventional fireplaces. The electric fireplace is therefore an excellent solution to fireplaces running on gas or bioethanol.

What are the options and decorations of a built-in electric fireplace?

Options et décorations pour une cheminée électrique encastrable
An electric fireplace has a big aesthetic advantage. It allows you to heat your home in a practical way thanks to the heating system, but also thanks to its visual appearance. The sight of the flames dancing between the logs in the hearth of your built-in electric fireplace is enough to instantly warm up your room and give it a warm and cozy atmosphere. There are many models, types, styles, colors, textures, finishes, options and accessories for your electric fireplace. In short: a wide variety of products, allowing you to find the rare pearl for your interior, and to personalize and adapt it to measure. The choice of color is very important, the built-in electric fireplace must integrate into your decor, while standing out: a good contrast and a little color will highlight both your electric fireplace , but also your interior. To better fuel the illusion and maintain this friendly atmosphere, it is entirely possible to complete the decoration of the electric fireplace with accessories. Find the best electric fireplace for your home by discovering: