Electric fireplace Brite Inox 3XL

Recommended retail price:399.00 

What if you can control the color of the flames in your fireplace? Thanks to our decorative built-in fireplace, it’s possible! Built-in or hung on the wall of your living room, this fireplace allows you to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, as if you were on vacation in a cottage in the mountains. Very realistic, it allows your family to enjoy it safely because the stainless steel front remains perfectly cold: no risk for your children or your four-legged companions.


  • Ultra realistic flame effect (Chemin’Arte LED technology) that reproduces the atmosphere of a real fireplace
  • LEDs with colour change: YELLOW/RED/BLUE
  • LCD display for temperature control (electronic thermostat). The display turns off after setting
  • 2000W heating power per convection fan
  • Heats a room of about 30m ²
  • Energy saving mode that consumes only 15W (flames only)
  • Timer 8h
  • Adjustable flame intensity
  • Fully built-in fireplace thanks to its front air inlets and outlets
  • No maintenance, no smoke, no odor, no dust, no ducting required
  • Remote adjustment remote control
  • The stainless steel front remains perfectly cold (no risk of burns)
  • Can be wall-mounted or recessed with the supplied accessories
  • Delivered with decorative rollers
  • Total safety because no real combustion but a very realistic flame effect
  • Warranty 2 years

Additional information

Dimensions 150 × 16 × 45 cm


Type of installation

Built-in, Mural

Flame technology

LED 4 colors


Stainless steel