What are the options for an electric fireplace?


As the options for an electric fireplace are numerous, we've put together a non-exhaustive list and our favorite selection to give you an overview. But you can find all the options directly on our Chemin'Arte electric fireplaces product sheets.
What are the options for an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces come with different options, depending on the model. Before making your choice, it’s best to be aware of all the options offered by Chemin’Arte electric fireplaces.

Electric fireplace options are divided into 5 categories: flames, accessories, colors, styles and connected solutions. Some electric fireplaces offer options not available on other models, depending on your needs and desires.

So that you can find the electric fireplace that’s perfect for you, our buying guide may also be of interest to you:

Are the flames realistic?

The flames of an electric fireplace are very important, as they give it the realistic look that simulates a traditional fireplace. Several types of flame are available on the electric fireplace market. Flame illusions are produced by LED lighting. It’s the most realistic and economical system for creating this effect. The two flame options available for Chemin’Arte electric fireplaces are :

  • Chemin’Arte 4-color LEDs: these LEDs let you change the color of the flames in your electric fireplace to create different atmospheres depending on the color used. The 4 colors are red, green, blue and yellow.
  • Chemin’Arte yellow LEDs: this flame effect gives the illusion of a real fire burning in your electric fireplace. On the other hand, it doesn’t allow you to change the color of the flame like the Chemin’Arte 4-color LEDs. But that doesn’t prevent the realistic effect from creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

An electric fireplace powered by LEDs and electric heating is very environmentally friendly.

What are the accessories for an electric fireplace?

Adding accessories to your electric fireplace
will make it even more realistic and adapted to your wishes. In fact, you can add numerous accessories to your electric fireplace, making it even more like a traditional fireplace. The accessories for electric fireplaces that you can find at Chemin’Arte are :

  • Feet for electric fireplace ;
  • Flame crackling module ;
  • Stones ;
  • Logs.

All these accessories can be added to any electric fireplace.

What are the different colors of an electric fireplace?

While there are many models of electric fireplaces, there are also many colors of electric fireplaces. Some models are available in several colors. The colors proposed by Chemin Arte for our electric fireplaces are :

  • Stainless steel ;
  • White ;
  • Black ;
  • Red.

Do electric fireplaces have smart solutions?

Intelligent solutions are increasingly part of our daily lives. New technologies are used to make our lives easier and safer: this is the case with the solutions proposed for electric fireplaces:

  • Remote control: this is used to modulate the heating temperature of the electric fireplace, as well as the timer and flame effects. It’s also how we set up our various programs.
  • LCD temperature setting screen: as the name suggests, this screen lets you set the temperature of the electric fireplace. Like the remote control, it is also used to set up the various programs present in the electric fireplace.
  • Timer: its role is to count down the operating time you have programmed for your electric fireplace. When the timer stops running, this means that the time indicated on the timer has elapsed. This guarantees the safety of the device.
  • Application: mobile applications for Android and Apple are available for remote control of electric fireplaces. Their purpose is to start the mechanism from a distance, but also to stop it and program the various functions offered by your electric fireplace.

What are the different styles of electric fireplace?

Here are the different styles of electric fireplaces available at Chemin’Arte :

  • Classic ;
  • Modern ;
  • Retro.

All these styles can be adapted to suit your tastes, your desires, your decor and your needs. The different styles we offer for our electric fireplaces means that everyone can find the product best suited to their needs. Electric fireplaces are very easy to install, although installation varies according to the model chosen.