The false fireplace


The joy of gathering with family and friends in front of an open fire is no longer reserved for people living in an old house in the countryside. The fireplace also invites itself in the city, in all spaces, small and large. Discover all the advantages of having a fireplace in your home une fake decorative fireplace !
False fireplace installed in a person's home

How a decorative fake fireplace works

The decorative fake fireplace, also known as the “electric fireplace”, bears witness to the progress of our society. From now on, you can heat up without lighting a fire, while enjoying the warm visuals that we love so much. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a fireplace in their living room where they could sit comfortably with a good book? However, not everyone can heat with wood… So we had to invent the fake decorative fireplace! It has the particularity of running on electricity, no need to store wood logs and sweep the fireplace

The fake electric fireplace can be easily plugged into a socket. Since it has primarily a decorative function, this fireplace will not be sufficient to adequately heat an interior in winter, for example. It should be kept in mind that it is more of a backup heater than a primary heat source.

The decorative fireplace produces a visual of flames, more or less realistic depending on the model. It is also possible to separate the heating function from the decorative function. In this way, the fireplace can be operated without radiating heat.

The advantages of installing an electric fireplace

There are more advantages to installing a decorative faux fireplace than you might think. In short, it beautifies your interior without the disadvantages of the classic fireplace. In detail, it soon becomes clear that the electric fireplace can be installed anywhere in the house. Indeed, there is no need for the famous flue. With it, there is no more smoke! Its purchase price remains reasonable and can satisfy all budgets. Again, it is clear that the quality of the fireplace, particularly in terms of the visual of the flames, will depend in part on the selling price.

Once purchased and depending on the model chosen, it can be installed wherever you wish. Maintenance free, the decorative fireplace softens the atmosphere of the room naturally.

Worried parents can be reassured: even with a small child, you can operate an electric fireplace without fear. The latter offers living comfort for optimal safety in any room in which your fireplace is installed.

The choice of the decorative fake fireplace

By looking at the models of decorative fake fireplaces available on the market, such as those on our site, you will realise that there are mainly two kinds of ranges. On the one hand, there are chimneys that can be installed and on the other hand, chimneys that can be fixed.

An electric fireplace at the cutting edge of technology

Contrary to popular belief, the decorative fireplace does not consume energy. It is also more environmentally friendly than a conventional fireplace, which releases smoke into the atmosphere from burning wood.

Some models of decorative fake fireplaces even have an energy-saving mode. In addition, as already mentioned, it is possible not to use the heating mode when it is operating. So you can simply enjoy the beautiful flames to warm the heart. It becomes a decorative element.

Most models of fake electric fireplaces can be controlled remotely, with a remote control. You can adjust the heating power, the intensity of the flames and control its aesthetic aspect by selecting decorative elements such as the addition of logs, for an even more realistic look!