How to choose an electric fireplace?


Choosing the right electric fireplace can be a long and tedious process, but we have selected a few criteria to help you make your choice. If you would like more information about our fireplaces, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
How to choose an electric fireplace?

Easy to install, safe and requiring very little maintenance, electric fireplaces offer many advantages. If they are now considered as design and decorative objects in their own right, it is not always easy to decide which electric fireplace to choose. We offer a wide variety of models, with as many technical aspects to consider.
Electric fireplaces offer the possibility of adding an aesthetic detail to your interior, while providing additional comfort through the diffusion of heat.

That’s why choosing the right model of electric fireplace is an essential step that we want to help you with.

To find out all about electric fireplaces and to find the perfect model for your project, consult our buying guide:

Can all fireplaces be built into a wall?

Can all fireplaces be built into a wall? How to choose an electric fireplace

Not all electric fireplaces are designed to be built into a wall. For example, log fireplaces, that is to say, built-in electric fireplaces, are made to fit in the place of a traditional fireplace, already in existence. However, it is possible to create a new location dedicated to it. Mobile electric fireplaces, which are distinguished by their almost identical appearance to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, can be placed on the floor or on a piece of furniture, but can also be hung on a wall. Finally, Finally, decorative electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere in a room. Depending on the model, they can be built directly into the wall, They can also be mounted on an optional stand.

A major advantage of electric fireplaces is their optimal positioning. They can be installed anywhere with a simple mains connection: no room in your house is off limits. There are also large electric fireplaces, perfect for large rooms.

Below you will find our best-selling large fireplaces:

How to choose the power of your electric fireplace?

With a heating range often limited to one room and not to the whole house, electric fireplaces cannot claim to have the same heating qualities as conventional fireplaces. However, to ensure proper heat transfer, the choice of the power of your electric fireplace is crucial.

Adaptation is a key element to take into account. Indeed, it is by adapting the size of the electric fireplace, as well as its power, to the dimensions of the room you wish to heat that you will obtain the desired results (since the heating power depends on the surface to be heated).

You need 0.1 kW (kilowatt) per square metre, then count 2 kW for 20 m². The power varies according to the model of electric fireplace chosen, nevertheless the average heating power is between 1 and 2 kW.

In general, the heating power of mobile electric fireplaces is lower than that of built-in electric fireplaces. So, if your room is large or your home has a conventional fireplace with a conventional flue, it is better to choose a built-in electric fireplace. Otherwise, you can opt for other types of electric fireplaces.

Now that you know how to choose your electric fireplace, you can find out which electric fireplace to choose for your home.