What are the safety features of an electric fireplace?


Arte electric fireplaces feature numerous functions to avoid the risk of fire, burns and malfunctions. So you can rest assured that you're using Chemin'Arte electric fireplaces.
What are the safety of the electric fireplace?

The electric fireplace is an efficient and decorative heating solution. Electric fireplaces also offer other advantages, such as guaranteed safety, unlike traditional fireplaces. So there’s no risk to children or pets. It’s also possible to switch off the heating option and light only the decorative flames, so you can enjoy a cosy atmosphere in any situation, all year round.

Electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere, except in damp rooms such as bathrooms. What’s more, an electric fireplace is very easy to use, as its operation is intuitive and leaves no room for human error leading to potential risk.

Installing an electric fireplace is quick and easy. What’s more, an electric fireplace is equipped with a timer, enabling the user to program the time of use, and choose when it will automatically switch off.

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Can an electric fireplace create a fire hazard?

Unlike a traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace houses no fire, wood, ash or smoke. There’s no risk of fire. The flame effects are for decorative purposes, and are created by LEDs, so it’s not possible to light a real fire. Heat escapes from the unit, thanks in particular to a fan that distributes the hot air. In other words, the glass and casing of the electric fireplace are not hot. As a result, the electric chimney cannot be the cause of a fire.

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Do the glass and cladding of an electric fireplace heat up?

La vitre et l’habillage d’une cheminée électrique chauffent-ils ?

No, the glass and cladding of an electric fireplace do not heat up. No accidental burns are possible, the hot air outlet is not dangerous, and the air is diffused without risk of injury. The fan allows the heat coming out of the electric fireplace to take up all the space in the room, so nothing burns on the appliance or at its outlet. In fact, no fire can be lit in an electric fireplace, and the flame effects are the product of LED light effects.

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Does an electric fireplace emit dangerous fumes?

Une cheminée électrique émet-elle des fumées dangereuses ?

No hazardous fumes can be emitted from an electric fireplace. Indeed, an electric fireplace is a heating solution that doesn’t include a fire, and therefore, naturally, no smoke. Since flames are simply effects produced by an LED, the electric fireplace doesn’t release any fumes, dangerous or otherwise. The heating part of the appliance produces no smoke either. In addition, an automatic cut-out system kicks in if the unit overheats. With no smoke production, an electric fireplace is environmentally friendly.

You can choose your electric fireplace from a range of different types and models to find the one that suits you and your project best.

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