What is the price of an electric fireplace?


The prices of electric fireplaces vary depending on the model, shape, colour and the purpose of the installation. We have made a non-exhaustive list of the different prices of Chemin'Arte electric fireplaces.
What is the price of an electric fireplace?

What is an electric fireplace? It is a high-performance heating solution that gives you the opportunity to enhance your interior by adding character and a warm atmosphere. There are many models to suit all styles of decoration. There are electric fireplaces to suit all budgets. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to install one in your home.
The consumption price of an electric fireplace is also very attractive. Not to mention that, unlike a traditional fireplace, An electric fireplace will not emit carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide (CO2), allowing you to protect yourself and have a lower ecological impact. An electric fireplace is a very good alternative to gas or bioethanol fireplaces.

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What is the price of an electric fireplace?

The price of an electric fireplace varies according to the model: its type, size and heating power. The budget for the installation of an electric fireplace remains affordable, ranging from €100 to €1,000 (for the most elaborate and high-end models). The prices are determined according to the functioning of the electric fireplace:

  • from 189 € to 889 € excluding installation for a wall-mounted electric fireplace;
  • from 109 € to 879 € excluding installation for an electric fireplace to be installed,
  • from 209 € to 889 € excluding installation for a large electric fireplace,
  • from 189 € to 889 € excluding installation for a built-in electric fireplace,
  • from 109 € to 249 € excluding installation for a nomad electric fireplace.

The different types, styles, options, features, accessories, decorations of an electric fireplace, as well as its colour and heating power, or its size and materials, are to be taken into account in its price.

Why buy an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace runs on electricity. It works in a similar way to an electric convector heater: the heat is produced by an electrical resistance. An electric fireplace has the advantage of having a efficient heating power. His models are very aesthetic. There are several types and styles of electric fireplaces, Most of them are built-in or to be installed. The magic of electric fireplaces lies in the effects of animated flames, created by the play of light produced by LED lighting.

An electric fireplace transforms the room in which it is installed and reproduces the visual aspect of a traditional fireplace. An electric fireplace has all the advantages of the latter, but not its disadvantages. You will find that installing an electric fireplace in your house or flat will warm up the space, but also the atmosphere of your living space, making it friendly and comfortable. The flame animations provide a restful, serene and relaxed atmosphere.

The big plus is that all the inconveniences of a wood-burning fireplace are avoided: storage of logs, supervision of the fire, maintenance of the hearth… With your electric fireplace, you can easily heat your home and enjoy a perfect imitation of a wood-burning fireplace. Its heating power is efficient, you can quickly heat a room of more than 30m². There are many models to choose from, which will help you find the electric fireplace that will perfectly match your interior. There are many colours, textures, features, styles and types to choose from, and you can select the accessories you want to get the electric fireplace that suits you best.

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How to calculate the cost of an electric fireplace?

How to calculate the cost of an electric fireplace?​

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between consumption related to visual and aesthetic aspects provided by the LED lighting reproducing an animation of flames, of the one related to the heating system. Flames created by LED lights consume almost no electricity (no more than about 10 watts). The operation of electric heating consumes more energy, but the cost is still very low compared to other heating solutions. The consumption of the convector varies between 1000 and 2000 W depending on the model. To calculate the cost of an electric fireplace, You will need to consider not only the heating capacity, but also the size, functionality and type of model, as well as the area to be heated.

In simple terms, an electric fireplace consumes 1 kWh per kW. A 3 kW appliance therefore consumes 3 kWh. With the current price of a kilowatt-hour of electricity of €0.1 765, heating a room of about 30 m² will cost you 50 ct (cents) per hour.

An electric fireplace consumes little energy. It is a good alternative to gas or bioethanol fireplaces and heaters. In addition, the impact of pollution on the environment is reduced, unlike a wood-burning fireplace which emits carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. In this way, you can protect yourself from toxic and polluted air and make an ecological gesture.
Any risk of fire or burns is avoided with an electric fireplace which does not house any fire.

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