What are the advantages of an electric fireplace?


Electric fireplaces are known for their ease of installation, their safety, the fact that they do not present any constraints, their aesthetics and their ease of transport. So come and discover our Chemin'Arte electric fireplaces!
What are the advantages of an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces have been booming for some years now. they were able to replace the traditional fireplace, bulky and high maintenance.

These electric fireplaces are known to allow you to combine aesthetics and performance in your home thanks to their electric heating. The electric fireplace is particularly practical and easy to install and use, as well as in a flat as in a house. There are different types of electric fireplaces: wall-mounted or built-in requires some simple work, but also electric fireplaces to be installed or nomadic, not involving any installation constraints. The consumption of an electric fireplace is low in energy, which allows it to be a formidable product on the market, in competition with gas or bio ethanol heaters.

Our buying guide will help you find the most suitable electric fireplace for your idea:

What are the advantages of an electric fireplace?

1. Easy to install

The installation of an electric fireplace does not require major work. This means that you can place your electric fireplace anywhere you like in your home. The installation of the electric fireplace only requires an electrical outlet. This makes it much easier to access, whether in a flat or in a house, in a small or large room. The different shapes available allow you to find the most appropriate electric fireplace for your project.

2. Security

The safety provided by an electric fireplace is extremely reliable. It is therefore important for all buyers to be reassured about safety when using an electric fireplace. An electric fireplace is not subject to fire hazards, greenhouse gas emissions or carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, because the materials used do not heat up, there is no risk of burning the glass of the electric fireplace.

3. No constraints

Since the electric fireplace only needs a power outlet, there is no need to purchase and store wood every year. You can simply use logs and stones for decoration, which can be reused in subsequent years. As the electric fireplace does not produce ashes, you do not need to clean it weekly, just a little maintenance from time to time to remove the dust. The fireplace sweeping maintenance required by traditional chimneys will be avoided. Also, this object works with high quality LEDs, These should only be changed after several years of use, which will allow you to be serene about it for a long time, Moreover, changing the LEDs is a process that anyone can do.

This article will give you more information about the electric fireplace: what is an electric fireplace?

4. Ease of transport

If you wish to move, or modify your interior, know that your electric fireplace is easily transportable. Indeed, after its installation, if the place where it is located no longer suits you, or you want to change your place of living, it will be very easy to take it with you.

5. Aesthetics

The wide range of electric fireplaces available allow everyone to obtain an electric fireplace that meets their expectations and tastes. Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles and colours, functionalities and accessories for electric fireplaces various. It is therefore perfectly possible to find the perfect electric fireplace for your home.

What is the best electric fireplace?

In order to help you in the best possible way in your choice of an electric fireplace, we offer you a selection of the best of these electric fireplaces of the Chemin’Arte brand.

1. Wall-mounted electric fireplace

One of our recommendations for electric fireplaces wall-mounted is the “Volcano” model, a decorative design fireplace with LCD screen. Its ultra-realistic flame reproduces the atmosphere of a real fire crackling in the hearth. This electric fireplace does not require any particular maintenance, from cleaning to the risk of odour. In addition, the Volcano electric fireplace allows you to change the atmosphere directly from a remote control. Its heating surface will delight the whole family.

Advantages of volcano electric wall fireplaces

2. Electric fireplace to be installed

The electric fireplace we recommend is the “Méribel furniture” model, it’s a decorative be installed fireplace that also serves as a television stand. Its modern and uncluttered design will satisfy most people. No special maintenance is required. There is no risk to your television, the cover and glass of your electric fireplace do not heat up.

Advantages of an electric fireplace to be installed

3. Large fireplace

We suggest the “Volcano 5XL wifi” large electric fireplace. This decorative fireplace has a wide range of features such as an LCD screen for setting the temperature, an ultra-realistic flame effect and an application available on the phone (Android as Apple).
As with all our electric fireplaces, no risk of burning can be incurred because it remains cold throughout its use.

Advantages of the volcano large electric fireplace

4. Built-in fireplace

We advise you to another electric fireplace: “Elysée XXL” is a decorative fireplace with many options:a remote control for adjustment, an LCD screen for temperature adjustment, adjustable flame intensity, a power saving mode and a breathtakingly realistic effect. As far as maintenance is concerned, you have nothing to worry about on this side. Since this electric fireplace does not require one. What is more, the level of security is at its maximum, ensured by the tempered glass used in its design which remains cool during heating, thus protecting you from any risk of burning.

Advantages of the electric fireplace built in elysee xxl

5. Nomad fireplace

The nomad electric fireplace model “Vidrio black”. It is a nomadic decorative fireplace, as its name indicates you can move it without difficulty. Its installation is very quick, you just have to plug it into an electrical socket to benefit from the first effects. In addition, you have an energy saving mode on your electric fireplace, which will allow you to relight only the flames if you do not want a heat source. The flame effect is provided, of this electric fireplace is very realistic, which creates a warm atmosphere when used.

Advantages of the vidrio noir mobile electric fireplace

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