FAQ electric fireplace


Indeed, you have many questions to ask us and we wanted to answer the most numerous of them, so we have listed our answers on this page. Of course, we remain at your disposal for any other questions!
FAQ electric fireplace

The electric fireplace is a practical, efficient and aesthetic device. A simple installation, an efficient electric heating system and a covering that reproduces that of a traditional fireplace: the electric fireplace creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. With the aim of answering your questions as fully as possible, here is a FAQ with the most frequently asked questions. Questions about the installation of an electric fireplace? What does it cost? We answer them below.

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Which socket for an electric fireplace?

Which socket for electric home?

It is necessary to provide an electrical outlet, preferably 16A (amps), to power your electric fireplace. It is of course possible, for aesthetic reasons, to install this socket behind the electric chimney so that the latter hides it.

Does the electric fireplace have the function of heating permanently switched on?

Electric fireplace heating function on permanently

It depends on your wishes and needs: the heating function can be switched on or off. You can therefore enjoy the effects of the flames without switching on the heating function, and enjoy freely the atmosphere of the fireplace all year round.

Are there electric fireplaces that do not have a heating function?

All our electric fireplaces has a heating function, although the heating capacity of fireplaces varies according to the model. It is therefore advisable to look at the technical information of each of the electric fireplaces in order to find the most suitable for the space you wish to heat.

What is the difference between a free-standing fireplace and a wall-mounted fireplace?

difference electric fireplace on foot electric fireplace wall

The free-standing electric fireplace is very easy to install, just place it wherever you want near an electrical outlet. The wall-mounted electric fireplace must be fixed to a wall.

Does the use of electric fireplaces lead to high utilisation costs?

Use of electric fireplaces generates high usage costs

It depends on the model of your electric fireplace and its heating power, but also of the surface area you want to heat, and your frequency of use. One of the advantages of the electric fireplace is its low electricity consumption, that allows you to heat without breaking the bank. The electric fireplace is a good alternative to heaters that run on bioethanol or gas.

Can an electric fireplace be integrated into a piece of furniture?

It is possible to integrate an electric fireplace into a piece of furniture, nevertheless you will have to comply with certain standards about the size of the room and the space you have available. Outside these criteria, you can integrate your electric fireplace into a piece of furniture, either pre-existing, or that you will design for the occasion. It is also possible to insert your electric fireplace into an old classic fireplace, by observing certain guidelines, such as good air circulation around the appliance.

Are electric fireplaces delivered assembled or in kit form?

Our electric fireplaces are delivered already assembled. Their installation is very quick and easy, although some models require a little more time than others: for example, the wall-mounted electric fireplace, which must be fixed to the wall, and the built-in electric fireplace, which must be inserted into a dedicated opening.

What decoration above an electric fireplace?

Which decoration above electric fireplace?

You can place the desired decorations above your fireplace. The lining or glass of an electric fireplace does not heat up, so there is no risk of fire, burns or damage to your decorations.

Can we put knick-knacks on the fireplace?

Can we put knick knacks on the fireplace?

As mentioned earlier, it is quite possible to place all the decorations you want on your electric fireplace. This does not create any risk for your electric fireplace.

Do we need to make sure that the electric fireplace is switched off?

Do we need to make-sure that the electric fireplace is switched off?

Depending on the model, you may need to check whether the electric fireplace is switched off. But there are also electric fireplaces with a timer function, which will allow you to program the time you want it to run for.

Does an electric fireplace have the same effects as a traditional fireplace?

Electric fireplace same effect as traditional fireplace?

An electric fireplace has many advantages. It has most of the characteristics of a traditional fireplace…but without its drawbacks! Indeed, an electric fireplace has a heating capacity performant and creates a pleasant atmosphere with realistic flame effects. Moreover, maintenance is reduced: no need to buy and store wood to operate your electric fireplace, all you need is an electrical outlet.

Can electric fireplaces be used all year round?

Can the electric fireplace be used all year round?

Yes, you can use your electric fireplace all year round. If you do not wish to switch on the heating function, You can turn it off and only operate the flames to enjoy warm moments in any season.

How to change electric fireplace bulbs?

How to change the electric fireplace bulb?

The steps to change a bulb on your electric fireplace are as follows:

  1. Unplug your electric fireplace
  2. Open it;
  3. Change the bulb;
  4. Reassemble your electric fireplace.

Does an electric fireplace heat?

Glass clothing electric fireplace heating

Yes, the primary purpose of the electric fireplace is to be a source of heat. The heating power of an electric fireplace is between 1000 and 2000 W depending on the model, which is effective. Secondly, your electric fireplace will give you a warm and aesthetic interior. An electric fireplace is still very environmentally friendly.

Which cheap electric fireplace to choose?

Which cheap electric fireplace to choose?

Free-standing electric fireplaces are often the cheapest and do not require as much installation as built-in (for example). You can find models of electric fireplaces adapted to your interior and your project based on your wishes and needs.

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