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Nomadic electric fireplaces are renowned for their ease of transport, as they can be moved from bedroom to living room in a matter of seconds. This considerable advantage means you can enjoy your electric fireplace at any time of day.
Nomadic electric fireplace, type of electric fireplace at Chemin'Arte

The nomadic electric fireplace, with its decorative trim and flame effects, will warm up your home and decorate it at the same time. It reproduces the look of a classic fireplace or stove. The main advantage of a nomadic electric fireplace is that it can be easily moved to any room in your house or apartment, as you wish.

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How does a nomadic electric fireplace work?

A nomadic electric fireplace features a heating system and LED lighting for flame effects. The exterior cladding of the electric nomad fireplace also contributes to the aesthetic reproduction of a traditional fireplace.

A nomadic electric fireplace is equipped with an LED lighting system, a clever play of light that creates the illusion of animated flames in the electric fireplace. Accessories such as logs, pebbles, embers and sparks, and even crackling sounds, can be found inside the fireplace to complete the already realistic illusion of a real fireplace. A nomadic electric fireplace gives your home a warm, cozy atmosphere.

The nomadic electric fireplace works with an electric heater. Heat is created by a thermal convector, which transforms cold air into warm air as it passes through the electrical resistance. A fan is then used to distribute the heat throughout the room, dispersing it evenly. The heating power of a nomadic electric fireplace is powerful, generally ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 W, which is sufficient for a room of over 30 m². Of course, no real fire is lit in an electric fireplace, which operates 100% electrically.

How to install a mobile electric fireplace?

Comment installer une cheminée électrique nomade ?

A nomadic electric fireplace is a type of floor-standing electric fireplace. It’s a heating system that can be installed anywhere in the home, whether apartment or house, large or small room. You need a power outlet close to the appliance to start it up. Installation is very simple: for a nomadic electric fireplace, no work is required. It’s easy to move anywhere, anytime. Good air circulation around your appliance is essential to ensure optimum performance, which is why it’s best to keep your electric fireplace away from other electrical appliances.

We would also like to point out thatno chimney flue is required for the installation of this type of chimney, sinceno smoke is emitted. Nomadic electric fireplaces are particularly easy to install.

What are the different types of nomadic electric fireplaces?

A nomadic electric fireplace is a type of electric
floor-standing electric fireplace
. Different models are available. Your choice should be based on the surface area to be heated, which will determine the heating power generated by your electric fireplace. The size and shape of your electric fireplace also depends on the space you have available. Finally, as electric fireplaces are considered to be design objects in their own right, you’ll need to take into account your desires in terms of accessories to guide your decision.

The diversity of nomadic electric fireplace models lies above all in their aesthetic appeal, which varies according to style, texture, options, color, decorations and accessories. You’ll find minimalist, elegant, modern, vintage, unusual and antique designs.

There are two modes of heating: generally, the heating system is forced-air, but sometimes it’s a radiant heating system.

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You can also consider electric wall-mounted fireplaces. In the same family, we can find large electric fireplaces, as well as built-in electric fireplaces.

How much power does a nomadic electric fireplace consume?

Quelle est la consommation d’une cheminée électrique nomade ?

An electric fireplace has the advantage of consuming very little energy. For a nomadic electric fireplace, the heating system is electric and consumes very little: 1 kWh per kW. So you can easily heat a room of over 30 m² without breaking the bank. Compared with a traditional fireplace, which emits carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide (CO2), the nomadic electric fireplace is an economical and ecological solution. The LEDs used to create the flames consume very little energy and remain intact for years.

The electricity consumption of an electric fireplace varies according to model, size and heating power. Nomadic electric fireplaces are a good alternative to gas or bioethanol fireplaces. The advantage of this heating system efficient. It is in no way bindingWhether it concerns its use, installation, maintenance or consumption. In fact, an electric fireplace is a real time and money saver in the long term.

What are the options and decorations for a nomadic electric fireplace?

Options et décorations pour une cheminée électrique nomade

There are many types, styles, colors, textures, options, features and accessories for a nomadic electric fireplace. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect model for your home, to match your tastes, needs and desires. As for accessories, we offer decorative logs to place in the hearth of your nomadic electric fireplace for added realism, as well as colored pebbles or stones, embers, sparks, etc. You can also add the sound of crackling to this soothing picture for optimum effect. We advise you to think carefully about your choice of color, which should not only match your décor, but also enhance your electric fireplace. A little contrast might be nice.

There are many different features available, depending on the model. A remote control and timer let you adjust your settings remotely and automate the time your nomadic electric fireplace is in use. Different flame effects are also available: it all depends on your project and the mood you want to create.

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