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Decorative objects in their own right,
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Decorative fireplace

Who hasn’t dreamed of a night by the fire?

Chemin’Arte decorative fireplaces are designed to bring you comfort and pleasure without having to worry about the maintenance or safety of your fireplace. Indeed, after a quick installation (about 15 minutes), you can enjoy an authentic moment of relaxation by the fire. There is no risk for you or your loved ones because there is no real combustion, but a truer than life fire effect. Forget the dust, the wood to be transported, the laborious lighting… You control your chimney with your fingertips thanks to its remote control.

Chemin’Arte decorative fireplaces can heat a room from 25 to 30m² (depending on the model). Indeed, they integrate a heating from 1800 to 2000W (according to the models) and a mode of energy saving. Chemin’Arte decorative fireplaces are real decorative objects, sober and elegant, which will warm your interior with their design and warmth. Play with the colour of the flames, sit comfortably in your sofa: you are already starting to rest.

1st range of 100% LED electric fireplaces, our fireplaces are energy efficient and have a very long life. Chemin’Arte fireplaces are designed in France.
Our after-sales service is available on +33(0) 951 634 467.

All our fireplaces can be used without heating (consumption between 5 and 10W), in heating position 1000W (1KW/h or 15 cents / hour) or 2000W (2KW/h or 30 cents / hour). The heating is fan convection type which heats the room instantly.

All our wall chimneys are delivered with a power cord but without plug in accordance with CE regulations in force.
Our mobile or free-standing fireplaces are delivered with a socket.


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Dimensions: 46x23x22 cm


The old fireplaces are often no longer functional, especially in the renovated old apartments. Chemin’Arte launches this year the product that will bring your fireplace back to life! This home required a lot of research because our team was looking for perfection and optimal realism. A successful bet with these incandescent logs, which perfectly restore the natural colours and appearance of the wood that is consumed. The dimensions have been adjusted so that this fireplace can be integrated in most old fireplaces, with or without insert.


Dimensions: 45x23x24 cm


What could be more warm and friendly than a fireplace in your living room? You dream of it, but you already sigh at the idea of dust invading your living room? Then the log fireplace with flame effect and 2000 W heating is THE solution for you! Its blushing wood fire effect and the natural disposition of the flame effect make this log fireplace a real decorative element. Equipped with a power of 2000 W, it can also be used only for the flame effect. This log fireplace can be installed in a few minutes and immediately brings an immense charm to your room: all without any maintenance. You enjoy the atmosphere of a real fireplace, without any unpleasant dust, smoke or smell: no doubt, you will love it!


Dimensions: 67x23x24 cm


You dream of a warm atmosphere by the fireplace. The log fireplace with XL flame effect allows you to enjoy the pleasure of a wood fire without having to deal with the inherent inconveniences such as smoke, dust or odours . It is placed directly in the heart of an existing fireplace. Its installation is in fact fast and very easy. The fireplace can be used in fan convection heating mode (adjustable power 1000 or 2000 watts – room thermostat) or only in flame version. This fireplace guarantees you a reddish wood fire effect with XL flames from behind.


Dimensions: 110x23x25 cm


To give a second life to an old fireplace without incurring restoration costs, opt for this mobile fireplace with 3XL flame effect and relive the happiness of a great old-fashioned flambé. The principle is simple: placed in 2 minutes in the hearth (1.10 m wide and 25 cm deep), this log fireplace with 3XL flame effect will instantly offer a more real than natural flames, with a glowing brazier effect. All this without combustion, so no matches, no dust and no maintenance of chimney sweeping. The 1000 or 2000 watt room thermostat will provide a soft ambient heat for delicious hours by the fire.


Dimensions: 44x29x55 cm


And if you install a sublime decorative fireplace in your living room? Elegant, this electric fireplace reproduces exactly the same atmosphere as a traditional fireplace. Very realistic flames plunge your living room into a cosy and friendly atmosphere. With its heating power of 2000W by convection fan, it allows to heat a room of 30m2 by diffusing a soft and regular heat. Your guests and your whole family won’t be able to live without it!


Dimensions: 51x23x63 cm


With this decorative fireplace in your living room, you immediately create a warm and cocoon interior to calmly tackle the first cold snaps. Its very easy installation allows a great flexibility, since it can be installed in all types of parts. Enjoy a warm atmosphere, while controlling your energy consumption with the “eco” mode. A room thermostat allows you to use it as an additional heater, in complete safety, for rooms up to 30m2. Enjoy the pleasure of a chimney fire without the inconveniences, and without any risk of burning, since the very realistic flame effect, possible thanks to Chemin’arte LED technology, does not come from real combustion.
This auxiliary heater will perfectly adapt to your interior, since it is available in two colours, black or white.


Dimensions: 45x43x76 cm


All its charm lies in its small ultra-realistic flames that make the effect of a real fire. Its design, its discreet and refined line will add a warm touch to your living room. The Helsinki fireplace, in true imitation of cast iron does not require any maintenance. Thanks to Chemin’Arte’s LEDS technology, enjoy the advantages of a real chimney without the inconvenience; no smell, dust or duct needed. Its simple installation will fill you. It only takes 2 minutes. Just plug it in. The fireplace has two heating modes 1000 watts and 2000 watts, selectable directly from the fireplace. The heating is done by fan-convection. You can, as you wish, use your Helisinki fireplace as additional heating. Indeed, an energy saving mode allows you to use the fireplace only for its soft and pleasant flames and consume only 4 watts. Heating a room becomes a moment of well-being!



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Dimensions: 62x13x48 cm


A plain model, whose black will blend with all decorative universes and all atmospheres. In the same spirit but for more softness, you can consult our other models of decorative fireplaces united, to find the perfect agreement.


Dimensions: 65x14x65cm


Transform your decoration with this fireplace model imagined like an XXL frame, and admire the flames like a real living painting. This decorative fireplace model is perfect to give your room an elegant and urban character, thanks to the aluminium edging integrated on the panel.
This model is equipped with Chemin’Arte technology.


Dimensions: 65x14x85 cm


The Empire State by Chemin’Arte Decorative Chimney is the ideal way to create an urban atmosphere in your home. It is equally suitable in a clear monochrome environment, where it will become a central visual point, like a painting.
Idea given by one of our clients: “I literally had a crush on this visual, because I thought it would blend in well with the industrial spirit that I really like. As we moved into our new apartment after work, she guided all my decoration. So I declined curtains, cushions, accessories in identical tones. I love this cosy New York atmosphere”


Dimensions: 90x10x56 cm


This model will find its place in all interiors, with its plain black glass facade and its clean lines and graphics. This decorative fireplace is particularly suitable for families with children, as the panel remains cold: no risk for the hands of curious children! Volcano is equipped with the LED technology of Chemin’Arte, which allows to change the color of the flame according to mood and desire. A mini-aurore boréale enters your living rooms in winter evenings.


Dimensions: 120x13x52 cm


This model will find its place in all interiors, with its plain black glass facade and its clean lines and graphics. This decorative fireplace is particularly suitable for families with children, as the panel remains cold: no risk for the hands of curious children! Volcano is equipped with the LED technology of Chemin’Arte, which allows to change the color of the flame according to mood and desire. A mini-aurore boréale enters your living rooms in winter evenings. Available in standard sizes.
The chimney is also available in WIFI version with a dedicated application.


Dimensions: 150x11x45 cm


It has all of a great, and even a very great, I named the Volcano 3XL decorative fireplace. With its long tempered front glass, black steel body and decorative pebbles, it will elegantly dress a large living room. It heats a room of about 30 m2. You will be won over by its quick installation and energy saving mode.
Its ultra realistic flames, equipped with Chemin’arte LED technology, change color. You can vary them as much as you like according to your desires and why not your mood; red, yellow, blue, but also choose whether they are united or combined for more originality. Thanks to the remote control or via the LCD screen, you can scroll through the colors, but also adjust the intensity of the flames, the temperature and all this quietly installed in your sofa. Pure pleasure!


Dimensions: 182x14x45 cm


Fixed to the wall or installed directly on the floor, the Volcano decorative fireplace combines performance and elegance: you can heat a room up to 30 m² and enjoy a cosy atmosphere around the fire. Its black, sober and elegant design and its ultra realistic flame effect immediately add a lot of cachet to your room. With the decorative fireplace Volcano 5XL design, you can choose the color of the flames according to your mood and desires, enjoy two heating modes selectable from the remote control or the fireplace, and all in complete safety! Moreover, its facade remains totally cold: no risk of burning for small hands and your pets. With Chemin’arte, enjoy all the advantages of a fireplace without any inconvenience: you will necessarily find the model that corresponds to your needs and desires!
The Volcano 5xl chimney is also available in WIFI version with a dedicated application.


Dimensions: 90x10x56 cm


An industrial and urban touch for this all stainless steel model, which also exists in XXL version. Pure Inox is equipped with the LED technology Chemin’Arte which allows to change the color of the flame according to the desires. Yellow, Green, Red, Blue: see life in color while warming the atmosphere!


Dimensions: 120x13x52 cm


An industrial and urban touch for this all stainless steel model, which is also available in standard sizes. Pure Inox is equipped with the LED technology Chemin’Arte which allows to change the color of the flame according to the desires. Yellow, Green, Red, Blue: see life in color while warming the atmosphere!
A WIFI version of the Pure Inox XXL chimney exists and can be controlled via a dedicated application.


Dimensions: 90x10x56 cm


The purity of white is integrated everywhere. By choosing this decorative fireplace model, you are sure to make the right choice, whatever your decorative atmosphere. Like all our decorative electric fireplaces, this model can be installed on the wall or on the floor. It is perfect to modernize an atmosphere while bringing it a true more comfort.


Dimensions: 120x13x52 cm


The White Loft XXL by Chemin’arte decorative fireplace is a model designed for large spaces, from loft to hotel lobby, including a living room. Its clean lines and colours blend easily into any decor but will bring modernity and elegance. Decorative object in its own right, it will give an original and warm character to the space and can be worked as the central room of the decor.
The fireplace is worked in length, it is rather narrow, which gives it a lot of character. Ideal if you have a large space to decorate or theater while having the highest heating comfort.
The little extra: this decorative fireplace is equipped with LED by Chemin’arte technology.


Dimensions: 90x10x56 cm


The decorative fireplace Red Line by Chemin’Arte blows a wind of energy into your home! Red, the colour of fire par excellence, is one of the most invigorating and energizing of the chromatic palette? Grey, white, black walls, it breaks monotony and adds pep’s to your interior. We recommend it for a living room or an office. Avoid it in the room because red is not the color of sleep, choose instead a decorative fireplace model in neutral tones or a softer visual. And then remember that our fireplaces are mobile and can be installed on foot to warm you wherever you are.



Logo Chemin'Arte sans baseline sous bande

Dimensions: 61x21x45 cm


You dream of a built-in fireplace but you don’t want to bother with smoke, odours and dust? Discover without further delay our electric insert and its ultra realistic flames: THE ideal solution for all those who want to enjoy an insert without having to suffer the inconveniences. Thanks to its simple and quick installation, you can enjoy your insert directly. And with its remote control, you can manage the height and intensity of the flames directly from your sofa.


Dimensions: 76x23x54 cm


You dream of having a chimney, but the smoke, the dust, the difficulty of installation make you less dream? The solution is all found with the Oxford XL electric insert. With its very realistic flames, equipped with Chemin’arte LED technology, you get all the benefits of a real fireplace. You will appreciate the pretty front tempered glass which remains totally cold. It makes it very safe if you have children or pets. There is no risk of burns.

The Oxford XL electric insert is a fully built-in product. You can choose either to embed it in a wall or a piece of furniture, or to put it in an old fireplace that you want to revive. In addition, from your sofa, you can adjust the intensity of heating, the height of the flames through the remote control. To you the long evenings by the fire!


Dimensions: 150x16x45cm


What if you can control the color of the flames in your fireplace? Thanks to our decorative built-in fireplace, it’s possible! Built-in or hung on the wall of your living room, this fireplace allows you to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, as if you were on vacation in a cottage in the mountains. Very realistic, it allows your family to enjoy it safely because the stainless steel front remains perfectly cold: no risk for your children or your four-legged companions.


Dimensions: 120x16x45cm


The Élysée XXL decorative fireplace insert will be the highlight of any room’s decoration while offering the pleasure of a very realistic wood fire. Spectacular, it is the object of all the attention with its XXL size (1.52 m of fire line!). Its modern and refined design owes much to a black tempered glass window covering the entire front and a black steel body. It can be totally embedded thanks to its ventilation from the front (fan convection heating). Like a frieze of fire in the wall, it is a real hypnotic painting with its ultra realistic flames of light. Thanks to the remote control, you can change the atmosphere from your sofa by adapting the 12 colors of the LED technology. Polar blue or hell red: it’s up to you! You can also control everything (intensity and colors of the flames, thermostat) from the LCD screen integrated into the glass which disappears after adjustment.


Dimensions: 152x16x45cm


Thanks to its front air intake, this very wide (152 cm) electric fireplace can totally disappear in the wall like a painting. With its small depth (16 cm), it is very easy to install. For the rest, it benefits from all the technologies of the brand, in particular its ultra realistic flame effects, thanks to the multicolored LEDs Chemin’arte. With this new generation fireplace, it’s the joy of a fire without dust, without maintenance and without the chore of wood. In terms of design, the stainless steel front will fit perfectly into any decorative style, especially those in the loft or industrial spirit on a brick wall for example. Enjoy the pleasure of a real fireplace with the adjustment of the temperature (electronic thermostat) and the intensity of the flames from the LCD screen. This model can heat a room of 30 m2. You can also use it in economy mode, just for the pleasure of the flames. It is also equipped with an 8-hour timer, for more peace of mind.


Dimensions: 182x16x45cm


You are looking for a huge decorative fireplace, built-in, whose tempered glass façade remains perfectly cold to avoid all risks of burns, which requires no maintenance and emits no smoke or smell? Thanks to Chemin’arte your dream becomes reality! With the Elysée 5XL built-in decorative fireplace you create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation in a few seconds: all you have to do is enjoy a soft, continuous and even heat, easily adjustable.



Logo Chemin'Arte sans baseline sous bande

Dimensions: 77x25x72 cm


A beautiful new this year, the Oslo small electric fireplace. With its clean lines, sober black color and decorative tubing, it will add a real touch of authenticity to your interior. The Oslo fireplace is equipped with Cheminarte’s LED technology which allows it to reproduce beautiful, realistic flames.
Easily and quickly installed, since it lands on the ground, you can move it to suit your desires, but it will perfectly dress an old fireplace to which you want to revive. It requires no maintenance and is ultra safe, its door remains cold even if you use its maximum heating capacity.
It can heat a room of 30 m2 thanks to its power of 2000 watts which is achieved by fan-convection. You will also appreciate its energy saving mode which allows to benefit from its small flames without using the heating and thus consume only 5 watts. A beautiful technological and decorative advance this fireplace Oslo!


Dimensions: 100x35x52 cm


Having a fireplace in your living room is above all an opportunity to create a warm, friendly and cosy atmosphere. Sharing a meal with family, having an aperitif with friends: so many little pleasures that we love to spend by the fireplace.
With the Meribel furniture fireplace, you enjoy a decorative and practical electric fireplace. The furniture fireplace is placed on the floor and you can place up to 30 kg on top: ideal to receive the multi media equipment of your living room and enjoy a unique moment with your family!
Aesthetic and efficient, the Meribel fireplace allows you to heat a 30 m² room. Thanks to the energy saving mode, you can control your consumption while enjoying the ultra realistic effect of flames.
Developed with Chemin’arte’s LED technology, our decorative fireplaces adapt fully to your pace of life and your needs!


Dimensions: 86x22x80 cm


New in 2015, the Avoriaz decorative fireplace is capable of heating a 30m2 room with very little energy consumption.
Its imposing size will make it a flagship element of your decoration, and the LED technology by Chemin’Arte gives an impression of ultra realistic flame, which will bluff your family and your entourage. Thanks to its cold walls, small hands remain safe. In short, many advantages and no disadvantages. The plus: you can set it to 1000w or 2000w consumption, to control your budget even more.


Dimensions: 86x25x86 cm


An Art Deco air with this old style fireplace, whose design is underlined by LED bands. A surprising realism, with the rollers placed at the level of the fireplace. Delivered fully assembled, ready to install. Equipped with Chemin’Arte LED technology.


Dimensions: 96x30x96 cm


A decorative fireplace is the advantage of a traditional fireplace in a flash, without work. You have a bare wall ? In 5 minutes, you have a modern and very realistic design fireplace, a real element of your interior decoration, with its integrated log. Made of MDF, it has clean lines. Its fireplace measures 96 cm wide by 96 high and 30 cm deep: a pretty white cube animated by a hyper realistic fire. The whole thing is adjustable by LCD screen on the glass or by remote control from your sofa. You can program by the hour, by the day or by the week. This new fireplace is delivered assembled and simply placed on your floor. It will diffuse by the front a soft heat without risk of overheating (power: 2000 watts) for a room until 30 square meters.


Dimensions: 98x28x80 cm


Give your room a special touch, without any work or effort! With the decorative fireplace with ultra-realistic combustion, you can relive the feeling of a beautiful evening by the fire. The Chemin’arte LED technology guarantees you a warm look like a real fireplace, without the inconveniences: no smoke, no smell, no dust… The 7 coloured LEDs under the tablet transform your room to make it a cosy and trendy place. Take advantage of its heating function to enhance your mild winter evenings. The quality of the modern and refined design will make it an essential decorative element to create a warm atmosphere and without risk of burns since the entire fireplace remains perfectly cold.


Dimensions: 115x27x111 cm


What could be more pleasant than to return home after a day’s work and relax by the fire, enjoying a soft and regular heat? The Hampton decorative fireplace can be laid on the floor and installed in a few simple steps: delivered with decorative pebbles, it is possible to add decorative accessories such as logs or red crystals (optional). The addition of two LED spots under the shelf adds a pop touch and elegantly emphasizes the design of the fireplace. So you give free rein to your desires and your imagination: you create the fireplace of your dreams without having to worry about maintenance. Its facade does not heat up and ensures total security! Choosing a decorative Chemin’arte electric fireplace means choosing a high-performance electric fireplace with an ultra realistic flame effect!


Dimensions: 82x21x42 cm


Create an atmosphere worthy of a real fireplace, in complete safety and without any disadvantages of the traditional fireplace, with this decorative fireplace. The insert of a LED strip under the shelf illuminates the fireplace, and underlines its modern and refined design. All Chemin’arte fireplaces are equipped with LED technology that provides an ultra-realistic flame rendering. Do you like to watch the flames crackle in the fireplace? Indulge yourself, while effectively regulating your energy consumption. Indeed, your chimney only consumes 9W. Need to warm up the atmosphere? Simply activate and program the thermostat to set the temperature. Installation is quick and easy, whether on the floor or on the wall, since it is delivered ready to be installed! This chimney will immediately transform your room into a quiet place, without risk of burns since all surfaces are cold.


Dimensions : 120x31x46 cm


Sublimate your living room with this magnificent decorative fireplace design Lounge: with its LED strip, the design of your fireplace is subtly underlined and brings a touch of originality. Its modern and refined design finds its place in all interiors, as well hung on the wall as laid on the floor. Its flame effect reproduces the atmosphere of a real fireplace, without bothering you with all the inconveniences such as smoke, dust or the installation of specific ducts.


Dimensions : 121x31x46 cm


Create a warm atmosphere with this decorative lounge design fireplace that will sublimate your interior. It has a flame effect thanks to the LED technology that guarantees the effect of a wood fire and crackling logs without the inconvenience of smoke, ashes, dust and maintenance constraints. You can vary the intensity of the flames according to your desires. With its modern and elegant look, it is nonetheless a real heating appliance that runs on electricity (2000 watts) and radiates a gentle warmth. A thermostat regulates the temperature in the room. It is easy to install hanging on a wall or fixed to the floor. Only an electrical supply is required.


Dimensions : 150x31x46 cm


Discover the clean and modern design of the lounge electric fireplace. Its unique style created thanks to its rectangular shape, its two white bands in varnished MDF and its two slates will make your interior a warm and friendly place.
The decorative logs delivered with, add a soft touch of realism.
This beautiful and large decorative fireplace requires no maintenance. It also has the advantage of being very safe, because its body remains perfectly cold. It heats a room of about 30 m2, thanks to its two heating powers of 1000 and 2000 watts by fan-convection. A mode of energy saving, allows to benefit from the atmosphere of its flames without having the heating and thus to consume only 9 W. Its installation is fast and easy, it clings to the wall or of laying simply on the ground. No smoke, no dust, no smell, this fireplace is a real treat!


Dimensions: 110x28x45 cm


Reproduce the atmosphere of a real fireplace by choosing this modern model with a refined design. It will find its perfect place in your interior to heat your room or simply for its decoration function thanks to the ultra realistic rendering of the flames alone. The harmoniously rounded design, with a neat white varnished wood finish highlighted by a LED band under the shelf, makes this fireplace a resolutely modern element of your interior. The heating function allows the temperature to be adjusted using the thermostat on the LCD screen, and the absence of real combustion guarantees total safety since the chimney remains completely cold.


Yesterday reserved for single-family homes and old apartments, the fireplace was reserved for a public of owners. The evolution of technology and design now allows everyone to enjoy this particular comfort and atmosphere in his interior.

Changes in energy consumption, boosted by the rise in gas and fuel oil costs, have also contributed to the development of new heating equipment, and it is now imperative to reconcile thermal comfort and preservation of the environment that supports the development of decorative mobile fireplaces.

If it is true that the ethanol fireplace seduces a lot, the electric decorative fireplace is not left out! The first of the fireplaces produces a real flame, and exists in an infinite number of designs and power. Its main disadvantage lies in its cost, as soon as you consider heating a room entirely, and when you invest in equipment that meets current standards.

The constraints related to the purchase, storage and handling of bioethanol must also be taken into account. For some time now, this fuel has been criticized by environmental conservation actors because its massive production has a significant impact on traditional crops and, in certain regions, on the maintenance of biodiversity. Finally, the fixed wall installation remains obligatory for families with small children, to avoid any accident. An aesthetic solution certainly, but one that does not satisfy the greatest number.

The decorative electric fireplace has almost all the advantages of the ethanol fireplace without the disadvantages. Thanks to the standards imposed by France in terms of electrical equipment, it is easy to choose a reliable brand that offers the performance adapted to the premises. As you can see by browsing our collections, there is a wide variety of designs, colors, sizes, which can sublimate your decoration.

Another advantage: we offer both wall and floor installation. You can thus move your fireplace from the living room to the night space according to your desires. The temperature is adjustable, in the same way as with a radiator, and some of our models are equipped with a remote control, for total comfort of use.

It’s the question that dominates! Of course, the flame is imitated, but here again, the technology helps a lot!

This question mobilizes the design team on an ongoing basis. Of course, we are not at the perfect imitation, because only nature can achieve it, but we try to get as close as possible to absolute realism.

To reinforce the realism of the flame of our decorative fireplaces, we have also taken care to select from our range of accessories rollers, logs of very good workmanship, real trompe-l’oeil. You can opt for a traditional spirit with wood logs or a refined design spirit with pebbles.

We also decided to go further than the imitation of the flame itself :

some of our models are equipped with a technology developed at Chemin’arte, which allows to change the color of the flame to change atmosphere and enjoy a colored light. To date we offer the colours yellow, red, green and blue, but our teams are working to expand the palette.

Even if we couldn’t match nature, we tried to play the originality card. However, we were also inspired by lighting and lighting trends. Chronotherapy is one of the trends we have observed in the evolution of the art of living. Yesterday reserved for therapists, the color-care invests the interiors, so we too, we launched ourselves. Surprising at first, these models seduced both professionals and individuals.

Chromatherapy is a mainstream alternative medicine that relies on colour to influence the mind and mood.

The principles of chromatherapy are widely used by decoration professionals to create an atmosphere conducive to well-being according to each room and the way of living in it. Here are some of the power of colors that our LED technology by Chemin’Arte will offer you:

  • The Green : green is a color that evokes nature, spring, it soothes the mind, and promotes reverie. We’ll find her in the bedroom, in the bathroom..
  • The Red : red is the colour of power, exaltation, domination and movement. It is suitable for rooms as an office, a creative space.
  • The Orange : A blend of yellow and red, this invigorating colour stimulates action, arouses dynamism and erases inhibitions. Depending on each person’s profile, it can be used in the kitchen, office, living room, etc..
  • The Yellow : tonic, joyful, luminous colour, yellow is the anti-depression colour par excellence. It finds its place everywhere in the house with the exception of the rest areas.


The fairy electricity, friend of the budget :
We have selected for our decorative electric fireplaces technologies and materials that allow optimal heating performance for low energy consumption, in accordance with the requirements of current energy policy. The possibility to regulate the temperature via the thermostat reinforces the economic character of our decorative electric fireplaces.

We hope that all these arguments have decided you to bring the flame into your home! Feel free to browse our site to discover all our models select the distributor that suits you, and if you feel like it, we invite you to discover our decorative electric radiators to complete the equipment of your accommodation. If you have a question, our team will answer it with great pleasure, you just have to use the form.


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