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The large electric fireplaces, despite their size, are easy to install and will blend in perfectly with your decor. Indeed, hung as a wall lamp, it will delight the interior of many of you.
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A large electric fireplace operates with an electric heating system and visually reproduces the appearance of a traditional fireplace. The heating power is efficient and requires less maintenance than a gas or wood fireplace, while consuming less. The biggest advantage of a large electric fireplace is its design aspect: it dresses up a room and gives it a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The flame effects, the fireplace cladding and the accessories available allow the appearance of a classic fireplace to be reproduced to perfection, and the atmosphere it creates.

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How a large electric fireplace works?

How to function electric movement large?

A large electric fireplace works with an electric heating system and with LED lights for flame effects.

The large electric fireplace is ideal for any decorative idea, as it visually reproduces the hearth and surround of a traditional fireplace. The flames are created through a play of light with an LED lighting system. Fake logs and stones are added to the fireplace to enhance the illusion. A large electric fireplace makes your home more inviting and adheres to your décor thanks to the many models and options you can select. The realism of the fake flames will instantly warm your room. There are many styles of large electric fireplaces. You can choose from a variety of models to find the best electric fireplace for your living space.

A large electric fireplace has an efficient and effective heating power. Its heat is generated by a thermal resistance convector, with a fan that spreads it throughout the space. This hot air is not produced by a real fire, but by an electric heater. It is worth mentioning that there is no risk of burning, because neither the lining nor the glass of a large electric fireplace is hot. In addition, all the disadvantages caused by a traditional fireplace are eliminated, since you don’t have to worry about the wood, or the fire to be cleaned. A large electric fireplace offers a higher heating power than other electric fireplaces and this makes it perfect for a large room.

How to install a large electric fireplace?

Installing a large electric fireplace is simple, no major work is required. The large electric fireplace is intended for wall mounting. It is not impossible to do the installation yourself, although we suggest that you seek professional assistance. Designing your room will be easy with a large electric fireplace, which will take up a lot of space on your wall.

A large fireplace must be fixed or built into a suitable wall. You will need to think about the air circulation around your electric fireplace. However, there is no need for a chimney since no smoke is produced. In addition, it is essential to place the electric fireplace close to a power supply. It is of course possible to install an electrical socket in the cavity provided for your appliance so that it is invisible. It is advisable to keep your electric fireplace away from other electronic or electrical devices to protect them from damage.

Large electric fireplaces are practical and easy to install.

The wall-mounted electric fireplaces may also be of interest to you, as well as built-in electric fireplaces. We can also offer you nomad electric fireplaces, which are a type of electric fireplace to be installed.

What are the different types of large electric fireplaces?

There are several types of large electric fireplaces. Your choice should be made in relation to your purchasing objective. You must take into account the surface you wish to heat and the space you have available. You should know that a large electric fireplace is a type of fireplace with a high heating power, perfect for large areas. There are also different modes of heating, the most general being forced air, with electric resistors that produce the heat and a fan that spreads it throughout the room. There is also a radiant heating system.

The biggest diversity of large electric fireplaces find their greatest diversity in their visual aspect: different styles, shapes, textures, finishes, colours, options, accessories and decorations are available. We can offer you modern, unusual, classic, vintage or traditional designs.

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What is the consumption of a large electric fireplace?

consumption electricity large

In the first place, an electric fireplace has the advantage of consuming little compared to a traditional fireplace. It is a good alternative to gas or bioethanol fireplaces. The large electric fireplace does not pose a risk to your surroundings and does not require supervision. It is environmentally friendly as it does not emit any carbon dioxide (CO2) and requires little electricity consumption. The large electric fireplace also has an automatic cut-out in case of overheating.

An electric fireplace does not exceed 2 kW of consumption per hour. The consumption price of a large electric fireplace depends on its size, its heating power, as well as its design. The purchase cost thus varies on average between €300 and €2,000.

In addition, the heating power of a large electric fireplace model can be up to 2,000 W, which is perfect for heating a space of about 30 m². In addition, there is no sensation of dry air.

What are the options and decorations for a large electric fireplace?

decoration electric fireplace large

A large electric fireplace is very aesthetic and will enhance your interior. It is perfect if you want a very decorative electric fireplace.

The electric fireplace offers you all the advantages of a classic fireplace, namely a nice fire with dancing flames (the colour of which you can choose depending on the model) logs and decorative stones, the sound of a warm crackling (optional or accessory depending on the model). Obviously, the disadvantages associated with a traditional fireplace, which requires maintenance and supervision, are avoided.

Large electric fireplaces are the most aesthetically pleasing if you have enough space in your home. The flames can be turned on or off as you wish. It is possible to enjoy the decorative aspect only, and to switch off the heating function, or you can choose to do the opposite. You can also adjust the intensity of the lighting.

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