Design ceramic inertia radiator 500w

Recommended retail price:209.00 

Save on average 25% on your heating plants! You dreamed of it? It is now possible with the inertia ceramic radiator. Extra flat, this radiator, with a modern and design aesthetic, diffuses a continuous, soft and pleasant heat. Imagine, the heater heats up again 30 minutes after the thermostat stops. Equipped with an electronic thermostat, a touch screen and a remote control, it is fully programmable. You can adjust as you wish; temperature, time, day, comfort, night … Thanks to the ceramic which constitutes its heating body, this radiator brings you a thermal comfort. It does not dry the air and does not burn oxygen. Air remains thanks to the principle of heat radiation. Its heating power is 500 watts, a very practical surface of 8 m2.

This radiator with inertia is very easy to attach and requires no maintenance. You will be conquered!



  • High performance ceramic inertia soft heat radiator
  • Save on average 25% on your heating bills (the radiator continues to heat 30 minutes after the thermostat is turned off)
  • Electronic thermostat adjustable via integrated LCD touch screen or remote control
  • Fully programmable (temperature, time, day, comfort mode, night mode,…)
  • Provides excellent thermal comfort: does not dry the air, does not burn oxygen
  • Anti-fouling function of walls
  • The air remains healthy thanks to the principle of heat radiation
  • Extra flat: only 5cm thick
  • Modern aesthetics and design
  • Attaches to the wall using the supplied accessories (wall bracket, screws and dowels)
  • No maintenance, no smoke, no smell, no dust
  • Quick and easy installation (about 15 minutes)
  • Power 500W (suitable for a room of about 7/8m² depending on insulation and climate)
  • Electronic thermostat for setting the desired temperature
  • The heating element is made of high-performance ceramic
  • The radiator body is made of aluminium
  • 1 year warranty

Additional information

Dimensions 55 × 5 × 58 cm
Type of radiator