Black designer radiator with lcd touchscreen

The sobriety and chic of black are combined with the effect provided by the glass of the façade. A beautiful effect, wherever you choose to install it. Decorating tip by Chemin’arte: for a masculine, graphic look, opt for black, and use it as a reminder on a piece of furniture, the sofa or a headboard. In a predominantly light space, black intervenes to structure the space, to give it rhythm, a little like punctuation in a sentence. The more daring will opt for a total black decor, where the black decorative radiator can be forgotten. To avoid a sad, monastic effect, complete the decor with gold objects and frames. Theatrical effect guaranteed.



  • Power: 2000W. High-performance aluminium X resistor.
  • Heats a room of approx. 30m².
  • This resistor provides high efficiency and low power consumption
  • The front of the radiator is made of 5mm thick tempered glass (anti-cutting).
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable electronic thermostat with integrated LCD touchscreen
  • Sleek, modern design. Black glass panel
  • Can be wall-mounted using the accessories supplied, or installed using the feet (supplied in the box).
  • 1-year warranty

Additional information

Dimensions 86 × 9 × 47 cm
Type of radiator