Design ceramic inertia radiator 1000w

Recommended retail price:219.00 

Discover our radiator with ceramic inertia 1000W and enjoy a soft heat, diffused in a homogeneous way for an optimal thermal comfort. Its advanced technology allows you to save up to 25% on your energy bills. How? Our radiator is capable of storing heat and continues to warm the room pleasantly up to 30 min after shutdown of the thermostat.
From the LCD screen or with its remote control, you can adjust the temperature and programs directly from your sofa. You benefit from the “comfort mode” or the “night mode” to have the ideal temperature when you enjoy your room and an ideal sleep thanks to a regular temperature. With so many parameters, you are the master of your heating and you reduce your energy consumption! Its power of 1000W allows you to heat a room of about 15 m2.



  • Power 1000W (suitable for a room of about 15m² depending on insulation and climate)
  • Electronic thermostat adjustable via integrated LCD touch screen or remote control
  • The heating element is made of high-performance ceramic
  • Anti-fouling function of walls
  • Extra flat: only 5cm thick
  • High performance ceramic inertia soft heat radiator
  • Save an average of 25% on your heating bills (the radiator continues to heat 30 minutes after the thermostat is turned off)
  • Fully programmable (temperature, time, day, comfort mode, night mode,…)
  • Modern aesthetics and design
  • Provides excellent thermal comfort: does not dry the air, does not burn oxygen

Additional information

Dimensions 69 × 5 × 58 cm
Type of radiator